Sunday, April 22, 2012

diy hair clips

i hope everyone has been having a good weekend-the weather here has been gloriously cool and breezy i hope it lasts...

are you tired of boring black/brown hair clips?  or maybe you're looking for a hair accessory to go with a certain outfit?  well jazz up your plain hair clips with this cheap and easy diy!!

-embroidery floss
-hair clip
-needle (optional)
-adhesive (not pictured) (i used liquid stitch)

you can secure your floss to your hair clip with a bit of glue or just tie it in a knot.  then start wrapping-it's easier to use a needle but you could do this by hand too.  i didn't use any glue on this part but if you feel like your hair clips get a lot of wear and tear it probably wouldn't hurt.

once you've wrapped both sides of your hair clip, use the floss you have left to form a braid.  i forgot to take pictures of this part so i'll try to explain:  visually divide the floss you have left into thirds.  bring the top of the bottom third to the top forming a loop (and also giving you 3 pieces of floss of similar length).  you can use these 3 pieces to start braiding-just make sure to keep detangling as you go this method can get messy pretty fast.  once you've finished the braid, start from the center and wrap the braid around in a circular motion, gluing as you go.  tuck the end under the outermost circle and secure with more glue.  and that's it!!
i actually got these hair clips in high school because i loved how oversized they are but i never used them because my hair always got caught in them (minor design flaw in the clip).  but when i wrapped them i could cover the crack where my hair always got stuck and now i can wear these again!!  plus they're much more exciting this way...


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