i am a recent college grad living in sin with my boyfriend, Ty, in hawaii.  yes i have a degree but like lots of other people i can't really find a job where i actually use it...so while i work some generic job i figured i'd get back into crafting.  i enjoy painting, sculpting, sewing, and general craftiness.  

this is me and ty at kahala beach...note to self-do not go to kahala beach on a windy day 'cause the sand can be brutal!!

and we live with two what i consider rescue rabbits.  meet grumbles:  i bought grumbles for a mere $30 (cage included) from a family in the middle of nowhere kansas.  the family didn't really have much info on him but we're pretty sure he's a rex (which are notoriously soft).  and he was extremely overweight, i'm talkin massive dewlap and numerous fat rolls all covered in his extra soft bunny fur.  of course that happens when rabbits don't get fed regularly but also happen to have corn based litter...  also he hadn't had his nails trimmed in months, i though about calling him edward scissor claws...okay not really but they were looong.  

a grumbly santa bun
 and meet turbo:  turbo is a double mane lion head from a rabbitry in the middle of nowhere oklahoma.  when we got turbo we had to spend a good hour trimming pee stained and poo encrusted fur off his bunny bum.  and unlike grumbles he was surprisingly scrawny.  
santa turbo (ignore that bag in the background)

about the hats...i saw a pattern online for a mini santa hat and i knew i had to pose the buns...which is actually pretty difficult:

1.  rabbits reaaally don't like to be dressed up/having things on their ears and 
2.  they never sit still

the hat was my first real attempt at knitting anything other than half a scarf and yet trying to get the hat on the rabbits and getting them to sit still took twice as long as making the hat...maybe even thrice as long lol.


  1. hehe I love those rabbit hats! Checking out your blog for the first time... love your stuff! I'm very inspired by the throw & the rugs & your work with freezer stencils!

    1. hello thanks for stopping by!! btw all your dishes on your blog look sooooo good!!

  2. just have to say you are living the dream - we went to hawaii for our honeymoon -- truly paradise on earth! best wishes :)

    1. thanks!! we've been here less than i year but i love it here-the weather is always so nice!!

  3. Hi,

    I'm writing a DIY/upcycling story and would love to feature your rope containers. I'm at mimioconnor [at] nyc.rr.com. Email me for more details--thanks!

  4. Hey Michelle. I'm seriously in love with your blog and am now your newest follower. For this I am nominating you for "The Versatile Blogger". Please stop by my blog to check out the award. I look forward to following you in the future.

    Kimberly @ mypinterestreality.com


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