Sunday, June 24, 2012

tutorial: travel kit organzier

***Update:  these are now for sale in my shop here***

i noticed that some of the fabric i bought recently had a big red pen mark on it, and since i'm too lazy to return it i just decided to use it make another travel kit for myself.  and make an actual tutorial for you guys.  

-main fabric
-contrasting fabric
-4" zipper
-interfacing (4" x 6")
-batting (10" x 6")
-3" strips of velcro (not pictured)

so the order of the rectangles for the inside/outside goes: (4" x 6") (4"x 6") (3" x 6) and you will need to cut one of each out of the main fabric and contrasting fabric.  the narrower rectangle will form the closing flap.  these are the pieces that are linen and blue/green patterned pieces pictured.  

the blue pieces are the pocket lining (6" x 7") and accessories pocket (4" x 6").  

install the zipper following the tutorial here: how to sew a pocket zipper.  after installing the zipper, bring the bottom edge of the pocket lining up and baste it to the top forming a pocket.  piece the rest of the pieces together like so:

 at this point, you can baste the batting to the outer piece of fabric (the one without the zipper).  i also added some topstitching where i joined the pieces.

next add the pocket for accessories.  you can customize the width of the pockets for whatever you want, but for mine i made the hair band pocket roughly 1.5", nail clippers 1", tweezers and bobby pins .75".

i don't have any pictures of the next step, but attach a piece of velcro to the other piece of fabric.  it should be roughly 1" from the edge of the larger square of main fabric or the side OPPOSITE of the flap.

then, right sides together, sew all around the edges leaving a small opening on the flap.  flip inside out and press.  topstitch all around the flap closing the opening, and attach the other piece of velcro.

and fill the pockets and voila!  a brand new travel kit!

personally when i travel i love having separate bags for everything (literally everything) so having this little organizer makes me happy.  i'm using it on my trip now and all the stuff that's in there i usually have just having floating around inside a larger bag, so it's def a lot easier to have them all organized in one place.  and the little zippered pocket actually holds a lot of stuff; i filled mine with band-aids, an extra pair of contacts, and floss.

how do you keep organized when you travel?  do you keep everything in one big bag or do you have a separate bag for everything?

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  1. Great finished product! I love the color combinations too.

  2. What do you put inside it?? Its so adorable... I want to make fifty of them to put all of my things in.

    1. thank you!

      it actually holds a surprising amount of stuff; what i have in mine now is my tweezers, bobby pins, extra hair ties, nail clippers, cuticle tool, band-aids, floss, and an extra pair of contacts.

  3. This is lovely! I love that fabric you've used inside, great tutorial!

  4. This is very lovely. You could also make that middle part vertical, then it could hold make-up brushes. I will be making this!

    1. great idea! hmm...i i think i need to sew a make-up brush organizer now too!!

  5. I love this, it looks like a high-end magazine item! Love all the pretty patterns together:) Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my beachy living room :)

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  7. Love this to bits-we travel a bit to visit kids who live interstate.Have been making-do: now I'll have some custom-made kits.Thanks!!

  8. This is the first time i read your blog and admire that you have posted on this...I really found useful.Keep updated.


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