Saturday, June 30, 2012

blog challenge day 11: ipod on shuffle

okay i've been seriously slacking on this blog challenge!!  on the other hand i do have a few tutorials in the works so keep an eye out in the coming week!

today's challenge-first 10 songs on shuffle on my ipod/iphone.  well...honestly i haven't really been updating my music collection in the past couple of years so don't expect anything too recent.  i suppose i've been using iheartradio too much instead of itunes.  and there's a lot of random music on here goes:

1.  Karma Police-not the original but a cover by the Dresden Dolls.  they have a very interesting sound and i love their song coin operated boy, but i think i prefer the original radiohead version.

2.  Untitled 3 (aka samskeyti) by Sigur Ros.

3.  Clean from Make Yourself by Incubus.  not my fav song from this album but i do love me some incubus.

4.  Coney Island  by Deathcab for Cutie.

5.  Both Hands by Ani DiFranco-love this song!!

6.  You Were Mine by Dixie Chicks.

7.  Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield.

8.  Rainy Days and Mondays by The Carpenters.

9.  Lady by Regina Spektor.

10.  Beer for my Horses by Toby Keith-um wow i can't believe this song is on my phone haha!!

well i hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!!

check out the full challenge here

Monday, June 25, 2012

blog challenge day 10: guilty pleasures!

hmmm this is really ironic because the past couple days i've fallen behind on my blog challenges...and why you may ask? indulging in my guilty pleasures!! my guilty pleasure is most definitely staying in bed all day with a good book. and since i kind of went on a spending spree in the sony ereader store i had plenty of reading material on my mini vacay. so i may or may not have spent a whole day in the hotel just reading... on the plus side i managed to get 2 tutorials out and actually start the Get Your Craft On aka GYCO (not to confused with geico or gecko) linky party up on time. the latest batch of ebooks i bought were mostly young adult...everyone is probably thinking twilight now but hey, YA books are almost always easy reads. instant gratification. i usually finish those books in a day or too so i'm not stuck wondering too long about how the story ends. on the other hand...they usually cost the same as other denser novels but keep me occupied for way less time. well i managed to read 5 books on my trip, almost a book a day now that i think about it...and that being said, i'm on the prowl for new books!! suggestions anyone?? i hope everyone had a good weekend!! (i know it's practically tuesday already but it feels like my weekend just ended)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

tutorial: travel kit organzier

***Update:  these are now for sale in my shop here***

i noticed that some of the fabric i bought recently had a big red pen mark on it, and since i'm too lazy to return it i just decided to use it make another travel kit for myself.  and make an actual tutorial for you guys.  

-main fabric
-contrasting fabric
-4" zipper
-interfacing (4" x 6")
-batting (10" x 6")
-3" strips of velcro (not pictured)

so the order of the rectangles for the inside/outside goes: (4" x 6") (4"x 6") (3" x 6) and you will need to cut one of each out of the main fabric and contrasting fabric.  the narrower rectangle will form the closing flap.  these are the pieces that are linen and blue/green patterned pieces pictured.  

the blue pieces are the pocket lining (6" x 7") and accessories pocket (4" x 6").  

install the zipper following the tutorial here: how to sew a pocket zipper.  after installing the zipper, bring the bottom edge of the pocket lining up and baste it to the top forming a pocket.  piece the rest of the pieces together like so:

 at this point, you can baste the batting to the outer piece of fabric (the one without the zipper).  i also added some topstitching where i joined the pieces.

next add the pocket for accessories.  you can customize the width of the pockets for whatever you want, but for mine i made the hair band pocket roughly 1.5", nail clippers 1", tweezers and bobby pins .75".

i don't have any pictures of the next step, but attach a piece of velcro to the other piece of fabric.  it should be roughly 1" from the edge of the larger square of main fabric or the side OPPOSITE of the flap.

then, right sides together, sew all around the edges leaving a small opening on the flap.  flip inside out and press.  topstitch all around the flap closing the opening, and attach the other piece of velcro.

and fill the pockets and voila!  a brand new travel kit!

personally when i travel i love having separate bags for everything (literally everything) so having this little organizer makes me happy.  i'm using it on my trip now and all the stuff that's in there i usually have just having floating around inside a larger bag, so it's def a lot easier to have them all organized in one place.  and the little zippered pocket actually holds a lot of stuff; i filled mine with band-aids, an extra pair of contacts, and floss.

how do you keep organized when you travel?  do you keep everything in one big bag or do you have a separate bag for everything?

linking up here

How to sew a pocket zipper

i only recently started installing zippers this way but i think i like it; it can be really useful for making wallets and bags.

first start by applying interfacing to the outer fabric where you will install the zipper.  then mark a rectangle where you want the zipper to be.  the zipper i used for this is 4" and i marked a rectangle that is 4"x0.5".  then place the outer and lining fabric right sides together, and sew around the rectangle using a smaller stitch.  then clip the inside of the rectangle get the corners as close to the stitches as you can without actually cutting them.  flip inside out and press.  then line up and pin your zipper in place, and top stitch all the way around.

and that's it!  i used this tutorial to make this travel kit.  do you have any projects that could use an extra zippered pocket?

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Get Your Craft On #3!!

yay i was really excited by the turnout last week, thanks for linking up everyone!!  here are the features from last week's party (in no particular order):

and on for this week's party:

some guidelines:
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
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-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

so if you have any crafty projects link up here!!  

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

blog challenge day 9: any job in the world

ugh i am finally back in oklahoma after 20 hours of traveling.  we had 3 separate flights and on the last one, we all boarded the plane and then they found out the plane wasn't fit for travel so all had to get off the plane and wait for another.  blegh.  oklahoma feels so empty and quiet compared to honolulu, i didn't even know i missed it until i came back lol.  and being able to drive nice!

ahh if i could have any job in the world what would it be...  i think i'd have to say arteest, i really love creating be it drawing, sculpting, jewelry making, sewing or whatever.  i'd love to be able to support myself and my family through my creations.  unfortunately i feel like my style and interests are too varied.

what would your dream job be?

sorry for the short post i'm feelin pretty tired after all that traveling and desperately starving.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

blog challenge day 8: satisfaction

a moment i felt most satisfied in my life...

i always feel really satisfied after completing a project that has taken me a long time or is really complicated.  usually the more time or concentration i put into it the more satisfaction i get.  unless of course it doesn't turn out the way i want, then it's just frustrating lol.  for example, when i was taking art class in college, i'd spend hours on a single painting or sculpture trying to get every little detail right.  and when i was done it felt really good to know that all my hard work had paid off and of course i enjoyed the challenge.

this was one of 2 paintings that i spent a whole semester on.  which really translates into me spending only a couple weeks working on it.  of course near the end i just spent a lot of time staring at it looking for ways to improve it, but still every little detail counts.  and looking at it now, it's like yeah i spent a lot of time working on it.  time i probably could've spent watching tv, hanging out, or whatever else, but instead i made a painting.  and that's a lot more tangible to me than being able to understand pop culture references.  of course looking at it now i really want to go back and fix that shoulder, it's way too small!!

this project, while not quite as time consuming, was really mentally and manually challenging.  each piece is hand cut from foam board and assembled with no adhesives.  i free handed all the pieces so making the size graduations was all an estimate.  it was tricky trying to come up with a design that would not only be self supporting but capable of being assembled without adhesives (okay i may have cheated and glued the eyebrows on lol).  but i loved making it; figuring out the best way to assemble the hands and feet, how to attach the joints, how to make the wings, and how to attach the angular head were all little challenges that piece posed.  (this piece is roughly 4 feet long.)

it's sort of a weird contrast to a lot of the projects that i have been doing recently; my sewing projects are usually completed in a matter of hours.  unless i get really lazy and cut one day and sew the next.  but they rarely require constant work over several days.  and while i do enjoy the simple act of creating, i miss the challenge of these longer projects where i gained the most satisfaction.  and the more detailed and complicated the better.  which is probably why i like helping paint my boyfriends warhammer models...  and the whole thing is somewhat weird because i'm usually a really impatient for me to want to embark on these day or week long projects is really weird because i can't get the instant results i usually crave.

anyway, better go, i have to leave for the airport in less than 30 minutes!!

(find the original challenge here)

when do you feel most satisfied?  do you enjoy long, complicated projects or do you prefer to keep things simple?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

blog challenge day 7: fav childhood toys

blog challenge day 7: favorite childhood toys.  (find the original challenge here)

well this is going to sound sad but i didn't really have or play with toys as a kid.  i always thought playing with dolls, aka barbies, was weird.  and kind of a waste of time.  yeah i thought that as a kid.  one time my uncle got me a barbie for christmas but i never played with it.  i never played on any gaming systems; my brothers had nintendos and gameboys and all that but they never shared with me.

i did however, always want to steal my brothers' legos.  i used to always try to play with them when they were done, but by the time i got them it always seemed like pieces were missing so i could never build what it was actually supposed to be, sadly.

basically i just spent all my time reading.  when i was in first grade i was already reading at a college level...sadly i feel like my reading skills have declined since then.  my high school english teacher said she used to be able to read really quickly until her teachers started forcing her to read out loud (apparently they didn't believe how fast she could really read).  and after that she could never read as fast as she used to.  something about how it went from being a 2-step to a 3-step process.  it went from going straight from the page to her brain, to page, thinking the words/reading out loud, then to her brain.  and i think something similar happened to me.  in elementary school some of my teachers started making us read out loud, and for whatever reason i loved it.  i used to read out loud to myself at home all the time, i guess i really liked the sound of my own voice lol.  but ever since then when i read, it's like i see the words on the page, but then i have to say them in mind, and then process them.  it's really annoying to me now.

and my fav series when i was kid?  the thoroughbred series, embarrassing but true.  i learned everything i know about horses and racing from those books lol, which still isn't much.  i had a fascination with horses as a kid...which was only fed by my best friend starting riding lessons and getting her own horse!!  of course, i couldn't take riding lessons because according to my father 'it's too dangerous for a girl'.  which he said about basically everything like riding a bike, playing laser tag, running in he woods...

sadly i don't read as much as i used to or as much as i'd like to.  reading can be pretty expensive now.  regardless of whether you buy physical books or e-books.  i still don't understand why e-books sometimes cost the same as regular books.  i like the feel of having a real book in my hands but e-books are just so much more convenient now.  and i know i should probably go to the library...but they always have such a weird smell...the books are always kinda stinky.

what were your favorite books as child?  are you reading anything interesting now?  i need something good to read while i'm flying tomorrow, hurray for 12 hours spent on a plane or in the airport.

get your craft on #2

okay sorry it took me so long to get this up there was something weird going on with my account when i tried to upgrade it.  anyway, on to the craftiness!!  

some guidelines:
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
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-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

so if you have any crafty projects link up here!!  

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blog challenge day 6: zodiac/astrological sign

today's blog challenge is about astrology, a subject i always found interesting (along with palm reading and other fortune telling practices).  i've always wanted a 'real' palm reading, and by that i mean in a circus under a crazy striped tent with some lady with wild hair and giant rings and a crystal ball...  even though i find the sign descriptions interesting, i don't really put much stock in horoscopes they usually seem really random to me.  although tarot cards...i find them intriguing even though i haven't had much experience them.  i had a friend once who was really into that kind of stuff that told me the best cards are ones that are gifts and not purchased for yourself.  and you can only do a reading so many times before it becomes inaccurate.  which totally reminds me about this fortune telling thing where you throw these sticks down and you read how they lay to see your fortune?  well i did that in high school one time and 3 times in a row it said that i was going to die.  well obviously that hasn't happened yet but it was weird it happened 3 times in a row...

which reminds me, in college there was this girl from ukraine who did a fortune telling thingy with a deck of cards?  i can't really remember the specifics but it was actually pretty accurate.  and she read for some of the other girls who were impressed too!!
anyway, my birthday is january 25 which makes me an aquarius!!  and it's funny because the sign is almost chevron-esque...maybe that's why i love chevron so much!!  i read this article here and it's pretty much spot on.  basically that page about aquarians was so accurate that when i was reading it it was almost starting to freak me out.  it was almost like reading a psychological description of myself-it's probably the most accurate astrological description i've ever read about aquarians, at least for me anyway.

first, i have to say that when i was younger, middle school-ish or intermediate if you prefer, i had this feeling like i had 2 different paths i could choose for my life.  through most of elementary school i had been really quiet and shy, but for reason at that point, i felt like i could either continue along that path or change and become more outgoing or blossom as it were.  and i thought it was really interesting that in the article it talks about there being 2 different types of aquarians; one shy and the other lively.  so weird...

aquarians are also both intellectual and creative; which has been exhibited by my indecision about pursuing a career in the sciences or arts.  aquarians also have a difficult time making friends and 'take too little trouble to cultivate the acquaintances of people who do not particularly appeal to them' which is also very true for me.  i usually hear that i come off very aloof or basically b*itchy and i have very few acquaintances that i would consider true friends.  i'm also usually pretty good at seeing both sides of an argument and accepting the validity of someone's argument even if i don't agree.

and guess who else was an aquarius?  mozart!!  boo-yah love mozart!!  makes me wish i had brought my violin over with me...

if anyone is interested here's site i went to, they have sign descriptions and horoscopes.

haha i just reread the challenge and realized it said ZODIAC sign!  well...i am a full metal rabbit (full metal alchemist reference if any one watches).  and the rabbit description has some accurate statements but not all.  i'm definitely not popular, nor do i have uncanny intuitiveness.  rabbits are supposed to make good politicians and diplomats...soooo not me.  but i am most comfortable staying in my neat and organized home.

and who was a rabbit??  marie curie!!  points if you know who that is without googling.

what about you?  what's your sign and does it fit?  do you check your horoscope daily?

(find the original challenge here)

Monday, June 18, 2012

blog challenge day 5: fav foods

today's challenge is supposed to be comfort food...but i've never really understood or felt the craving for comfort food.  i suppose because if i ever feel depressed or upset or otherwise in need of comforting i rarely turn to food.  usually i just sit by myself and think even more depressing thoughts lol.  so instead i'm just going to talk, and by talk i really mean type, about some of my fav places to eat!!

first i'll list some places in honolulu:

marukame udon on kuhio ave in waikiki:  this place is soooo delicious; personally i think they have some of the best noodles around.  they make all their noodles fresh you can actually watch them making them through the windows.  in fact, everything there seems and tastes really fresh.  plus their prices are actually really cheap-you can get a bowl of udon for $4.  although the tempura is really where things start to add up.  the tempura is good but the portions aren't always consistent; you might get a really big portion one time and a smaller one the next time but they're still both the same price.  my personal fav here is the curry udon.  seating is cafeteria style so if it's busy you might have trouble finding seats for a large party (and no reservations or seat saving) but honestly seats open pretty quickly.  and even though i've waited in line to get my food i've never had to wait for a place to sit.  

coco curry house ichibanya: mmm i've never tasted real curry until i ate at curry house!!  the menu is pretty customizable; you can choose the spiciness of the curry, how much rice, and what kind of protein/veggies.  some of the items are somewhat questionable-most of the seafood i've had from there tends to have that frozen food taste.  but if you get any type of katsu or stewed meat, spinach, or tofu, they're all pretty good.  prices are pretty moderate but it depends on what you add.  

i also really like lahaina chicken company in ala moana shopping center, they have some of the best friend chicken i've ever had.  plus you can get prime rib in a mall food court that's actually pretty good. and if you want to find the best mashed potatoes ever made by man go to good to grill by the safeway in kapahulu!!  

sometimes i wish honolulu had a sonic or a braum's.  i think we could do with a few less shave ice places and few more of those.  i miss happy hour at sonic...drinks were so cheap.  and i rarely find good ice cream places around here, i mean there's the occasional cold stone but let's be honest they're way overpriced and they really only have ice cream.  i want to be able to get a real sundae.  yes we have bubbie's but it's not the same.  

some places in oklahoma:
old school bagel cafe on main street in stillwater:  this is a really great cafe/bakery restaurant.  obviously their bagels are delicious but they also have really good sandwiches and cookies.  'big honkin' cookies'.  and damn are they delicious; they're huge, thick, weighty cookies bigger than my palm and thicker than an inch...that sounds really dirty.  anyway, i def plan on bringing some bagels and cookies back with me when i go home next week.  their sandwiches are pretty big too they def don't skimp on portion sizes.  

head country bbq and dougan's bbq in ponca city:  good bbq is the one thing honolulu is really missing out on.  i grew up on head country but my boyfriend prefers dougans.  honestly, they're both delicious to me so i'll probably be eatin ribs when i go home too!  head country also sells their seasoning and bbq sauce online/in stores, my boyfriend uses their seasoning for everything...literally.  

palamino's in stillwater:  i'm usually not a big fan of mexican food, they all start to blend together-the dishes all involving some for of meat with rice with beans.  but this restaurant is probably my fav mexican restaurant.  they have a really large menu, as it seems to go with most mexican restaurants, but i've never ordered a dish that i didn't like here.  plus if it's your birthday you eat free!!

and there's my (condensed) list of favorite places to eat.  

do you have a favorite comfort food or favorite type of food?  

you can find the original challenge here.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

blog challenge day 4: religion

blog challenge: day 4

bit of a touchy subject to some...but my views on religion:

well my parents aren't really that religious, i mean when i was a kid i used to catch my mom waving incense around and all that but i haven't seen her do it in a while and now my parents only do it on my grandfather's memorial.  and we've never really talked about it-i don't ask them and they don't ask me.

that said, i did grow up in the bible belt so a lot of my friends growing up were some denomination of christianity.  my best friend growing up was mormon and my boyfriend is episcopalian.  and despite all their efforts to convert me i am still firmly agnostic.  i used to be atheist but then i realized that denying the possibility of any sort of higher power is like saying that i know everything and all possibilities.  so i decided to be agnostic instead.  i think there is a possibility of some sort of higher power but i don't adhere to any single religion.

however, if i had kids i would probably make them go to church.  they wouldn't necessarily have to believe or anything, but i think churches are a really good social network that can be very necessary growing up.  i didn't go to church when i was a kid so when i started going to school i didn't know anyone whereas a lot of my classmates knew each other from church activities.  plus it's a good way to stay involved in the community.

it used to crack me up in high school and college when people would assume that i didn't have any morals or ethics just because i was/am atheist/agnostic.  i mean seriously-does a person really need the fear of hell to be a good person?  can't someone be a good person because they know it's the right thing to do?

of course i always wondered where i learned what the 'right' thing was...i also wonder where i got my nice manners.  i know my parents never taught me (i remember learning to read and write but i def don't remember being taught manners) and i'm usually more polite than they are.  and i spent most of my childhood alone so i wonder where i picked it up from.  is it some sort of innate behavior or did i subconsciously pick it up in school as a young child?  who knows.

i don't have a problem with other people who are religious as long as they're not trying too hard to push their religion onto me.  i always thought religion was a personal thing (between you and god) and sort of...comfort food for your brain?  it's there, mentally, to give you comfort and get you through difficult situations but that's it.

although i do believe in ghosts and spirits but i have mixed feelings about reincarnation.  i always love watching shows like 'the haunting' on discovery.  well i was pretty skeptical of ghosts before this one incident:  my best friend as a kid used to see ghosts all the time, personally i've never seen a ghost but i've 'felt' them.  one time we were visiting her sister in chicago and we were sleeping on the couch.  in the middle of the night we wake up because we hear noises coming from the kitchen-it was set up so that the living room and kitchen was one giant room.  of course i couldn't see anything, and not just because i'm blind without glasses on, but my friend told me that she could see a woman standing in the kitchen messing with the things on the counter.  then my friend says that the woman is walking over...and you know what my friend does?  she rolls over and goes back to sleep!!  i couldn't believe she just went back to sleep and left me with some ghost i couldn't even see!!  anyway, it was freezing so i pulled the blanket up over my face and i swear i could feel fingers rubbing my cheek through the blanket.  it was reeeeally freaky.  and we asked her sister about it in the morning and she said that some mornings when she wakes up the things on the counter are in a different order than how she left them.  anyway i've believed in ghosts after that incident.

another freak incident: that friend once dated a guy that could also see ghosts.  she said one time they were sitting on the couch watching a movie when a ghost walked past them in the room and she goes 'did you see that?" and he goes "yep".  freaky right?  which then makes me wonder why some people can see them and some can't.  is it genetic?  or is it that they're more 'open' on some psychological level?  i don't know but it makes me wonder if should be glad or sad that i can't see them.

what about you-do you believe in ghosts?  have you had any freaky run-ins with spirits?  i love hearing ghost stories to please share!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

blog challenge day 3: pet peeves

okay three posts in three (week) days...that's pretty good for me lol. and today's topic shall peeves!!  everybody's fav subject of discussion.

these aren't in any particular order just whatever pops in my head:

first, in the work place (it's on my brain cause i just got off work a little while ago) i absolutely detest people who are lazy.  it is beyond frustrating to be busting your a** at work while your coworkers are just standing around talking or (literally) twiddling their thumbs.  no joke, i actually caught a guy doing that at work.

lately i've been really frustrated by this because i'm a hard worker by nature, i don't think i could be lazy at work if i tried.  and yet i feel like working there is compromising my work ethic.  i mean there is really no 'reward' or compensation for working that much harder than everyone else, in fact at my work it seems the opposite is true.  the people who can only work one station or work really slowly get sent downstairs to the kitchen where the ac actually works, there's a radio, and is generally more easy going because you don't have to deal with the customers.  so the lazier people are 'rewarded' with an even easier job while the hard workers have to work even harder to compensate for them.  of course to me most workplace problems can be fixed with better management but that's not really my job...even though i was told i would be assistant manager back in...september?  yeah that hasn't happened yet.  not that i'm really complaining because i didn't really want the job, i just wanted the pay because i was already doing the job.  but yeah, the owner came in a couple months back to reaffirm that i wanted the position, which of course i said i still wanted it, but it still hasn't happened.  of course, i am already doing the work an assistant would do without the pay so i guess it doesn't really make sense for them to pay me more for doing the same thing...  although it is really frustrating to find that someone doing my job at any of their other stores gets paid at least $1/hour more than me...anyway, i could go one forever about boyfriend can testify to that lol.

second...probably people putting things back where they're found or returning them to their original condition.  this applies to work and home...i'll talk about home since i just wrote a crap load about work.  i love when i come home and every dresser is pulled out after my bf gets dressed.  the underwear drawer, the sock drawer, the shirt drawer, and the pants drawer.  because it is just sooo difficult to close it when he's done.  even better is when i find something that's like 3 feet away from where i left it...because moving it that extra 3 feet is just too much of a bother lol.

as for original condition-we use this water bottle to fill the rabbits' water bowls that way we don't have to mess with removing the bowls, refilling, and replacing.  well i always fill the rabbits' bowls and then refill the water bottle.  and then my bf comes along and refills the rabbits' bowls...and leaves the bottle empty.  which is funny because at his old job he used to complain about other people doing the same thing...  a better example is probably toilet paper...why leave an empty roll??  of course i'm guilty of this as well but we'll keep that on the dl...

third...driving-god it's been more than a year since i've driven a car!!  i know everyone says this regardless of how good they actually are, but i'm a pretty good driver i have averted many a-accident when other less conscious drivers tried to hit me.  i wonder how much my driving skills have deteriorated since i moved to hawaii...i guess we'll find out next week when i go home!!

anyway, the pet peeve...signaling.  either not signally enough or signaling too much.  i hate when people just randomly cut you off or slam on the brakes to make a turn, i'm always like seriously the blinkers are there for a reason sir.  and on the other hand, there are people, like my dad, who turn the blinker on to change lanes and just somehow forget, in that window of 3 seconds, to turn them off.  and just leave them blinking...for miles...just click-click-clicking everyone else in the car into sweet insanity.  

i think those are the major ones that really...get my that phrase cracks me up.  but a pretty minor one...those little old asian ladies that cut in front of everyone to get on the bus...even other older asian ladies.  hawaii's really the only place i've had a problem with this actually.  i know it's a generality but i'm pretty sure there's a certain sort of 'tude that non-american born asian women have that only gets worse as they get older.  and they have this sense of entitlement, like they should be the first ones to get on the bus.  when in reality most people, like myself, would let them get on first anyway just cause they're old, but when they walk right up there like nobody's business it's just insulting.  i mean come on it's not like we're all bloody heathens that'll trample people down to get a seat on the bus...mostly anyway.

so what are your pet peeves?  do you share any of my pet peeves?

you can find the original post here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

blog challenge day 2: in 10 years...

time for day 2 of blog challenges (find the full challenge here).

where would i like to be in 10 years:

whoa in 10 years i'll be 34!!

i'm really caught between pursuing two different 'careers'; i went to school and got my bachelors in environmental science but i've always been interested in art and creating.

if i went route 1 and pursued a career with my degree, i'd like to be working either for the government of private firm.  i'd like to be a project manager in charge of a small team working to write preliminary assessments/site inspections.  there would be a balance of office work writing reports but also collecting data in field.

or route 2, i'd like have my own business blogging and selling my crafty creations.  i'd sell my goods online and in craft fairs/conventions and blog about tips and tutorials.

or maybe a combination of the two?  office by day crafter by night?

i'd also want to move back to the mainland-not that i don't like living in hawaii but i miss being able to jump in a car and be in a different state in a couple hours.  plus if i have kids i'd want to be able to take them on road trips and having to fly across the ocean to get anywhere is somewhat frustrating.  although i'm not sure if i'll be wanting kids by then or not.  i never thought i'd want kids when i was younger but i feel less opposed to it now that i'm getting older...must be that maternal instinct kicking in lol.

and i desperately want a house!!  preferably a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house with acres of land surrounding.  and i also want a big porch.  i know it sounds really oddly domestic for me but i've always wanted a place of my own to decorate as i want.  it's one of my biggest pet peeves of living in rentals-i never really feel like it's a 'home' it's always temporary.

so there it ten years-family, home, and a 'real' career.  pretty typical i suppose but hopes nonetheless.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

blog challenge day 1: relationship status

okay day one of bloggy challenges (find the full challenge here).

current relationship:

i feel like this question is pretty open-ended, i mean relationship with who...or what?  but i'll take it the way it was probably meant and talk about my significant other.

i am currently in a relationship with a man, who shall remain unnamed because he's already rather frumpy i put a photo of him up without asking, and we have been together for 3 1/2 years.  he's 3 years older than me, and even though we went to the same high school we never hung out.  i actually hung out with his friends and his brother, who was in the same grade as me, more than him, weird right?  he was sort of this guy i knew peripherally through other people but not really...even though he apparently knew me.

his father was sort of in charge of this place called grand central station where the schools used to host dances and he had to work there.  and i used to attend a number of said dances...apparently enough for both him and his father to notice.  his father because apparently i was good kid who never caused trouble and him because i was 'up there shakin' my booty'.  hah i called him a lecherous pervert for noticing and he has yet to deny the charges.

but anyway, in college he randomly started talking to me on facebook, we hung out over winter break, and the rest is history.  of course the first few years we were in a long distance relationship which was pretty difficult to say the least, but worth it now that we're actually together...and not separated by the pacific ocean and the western half of the states.

and that's it for bloggy challenge numero uno...hmm it feels almost therapeutic lol.

well are you guys up for the challenge too?  you can find the original post here.

30 day blog challenge

i've noticed i tend to do a lot of posts over the weekend and practically none during the week.  so i looked up some blog challenge-y type things to try to get me to post more regularly.  and also share some information about myself-i tend to be a introvert in real life and i think it comes off in my blogging.  so i shall be sharing random facts about myself every day for the next 30 days!!  beware it could be horribly awkward...

the challenge is the make a post about each of the topics listed (i got the list from domesticated momma) i may change a couple of them depending on my mood when i get to it lol.  i will link each bullet as i make the posts.

  1. Current Relationship
  2. Where would I like to be in 10 years
  3. Top 5 Pet Peeves
  4. Views on Religion
  5. Favourite Comfort Foods & Why
  6. Zodiac Sign and Does It Fit?
  7. Favourite Childhood Toys
  8. A moment you felt most satisfied in your life.
  9. If you would have any job in the world what would it be?
  10. Your guilty pleasures
  11. Put your Ipod (in my case iphone) on shuffle and write first 10 songs that pop up.
  12. Bullet your whole day
  13. Somewhere you would like to move/visit.
  14. Earliest Memory
  15. Write 15 interesting facts about yourself
  16. Your views on mainstream music
  17. Your highs and lows this last year
  18. A book you could read over and over and never get sick of
  19. Your biggest regret in life
  20. How important you think education is
  21. One of your favourite TV Shows
  22. How have you changed the past 2 years
  23. Post 3 pics of famous people you find attractive
  24. Your favourite Movie & What its about.
  25. Someone who fascinates you and why
  26. If you had $1,000,000 to spend how would you spend it?
  27. A problem you have or have had in the past.
  28. Something that you miss
  29. List 10 people dead or alive you would invite to dinner , include the menu.
  30. Goals for the next 30 days!

so what d'you think?  are you going to take the dive and do the challenge with me?  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Become a sponsor for the Gilded hare!!

Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor for the Gilded hare!!

Currently my page views are around 1,500-2,000 per day or up to 60,000 a month (according to Blogger Stats).  I will review your site and determine if it is an appropriate match for my readership.  I will offer discounts for people who want to book ads for several months at a time and I will also consider doing sponsor swaps.  Ads will be rotated with the monthly feature always being at the very top.  Ads are currently only accepted through PassionFruid Ads.  

If you have any questions, you can email me at or by clicking the 'email' button under 'Follow Me' in the sidebar.  

diy laptop sleeve tutorial

i'm sure pretty much everyone in this day and age has a laptop right?  well as i'm sure you all have noticed laptop accessories can be...lacking.  i mean who really wants some plain black neoprene case to carry their laptop around in? when you can have a totally cool, custom made sleeve made from any fabric you want??

my laptop sleeves are completely padded, fully lined, and they have boxed corners for an easier fit for you laptop.  here's my chevron/blue version...i was really tempted to keep this one for myself.  i might end up making another to keep...even though i already have a laptop case.

 or for something different this one is made from echino bird print fabric with the same blue lining.

these sleeves were actually a lot easier than i thought and i completed one in less than an hour, well technically less than an episode of bones lol.  these sleeves were made to fit a 13" macbook but i will try to describe a process to make one for any size laptop.  the tutorial for how to make a padded laptop sleeve:

-main fabric
-batting (i used basic polyester batting)
-velcro (i used a 4" strip but you may want 2 strips or a bigger strip if you have a bigger laptop)
-interfacing (optional)

the pattern is made of 2 rectangles, for each rectangle you will need 1 each of main fabric, lining, and batting so you will end up with 3 rectangles of each pattern or 6 total.

the first rectangle is the back-or the measurements start by measuring your computer:
width=width of your computer + seam allowances
length=length of your computer + flap (i added 5 inches)  when calculating flap length don't forget to consider the height of your laptop

the second rectangle is the front and will include the boxed corners:
width=width of your computer + height of your computer + seam allowances
length= length of your computer + heigh of your computer + seam allowances

to mark the boxed corners, mark off a square in two bottom corners that are the height of your laptop + seam allowances.

cut velcro strips as needed

first start by basting the main fabric to your batting, this will make it muuuch easier to work with.  i won't be referring to the batting anymore but when i say the main fabric i mean the main fabric with the batting attached.

go ahead and box the bottom corners of the front pieces of main fabric and lining fabric.  then take these two pieces, right sides together, and sew across the top.  flip right side out and press.  you can add some topstitching across the tip here to durability.  then pin and sew the velcro in place.  depending on the size of your flap it should be around 2 inches down from the top edge.

next lay the front pieces right side up on the back piece of lining fabric.  both pieces should be right side up.  pin and sew in places.  (if you want to add your velcro without leaving stitches on the outside, use some interfacing where you will be placing the velcro and sew in place now.)  place the back main piece of fabric on top of the other pieces, right sides together.  sew all the way around leaving an opening somewhere on the flap to flip right side out.  press, and top stitch all around the flap closing the opening.  if you haven't already, pin and sew your velcro in place.  i sewed my velcro through all layers of fabric just to reduce the pull on a single piece of fabric each time you open the flap.  press again and it's ready to use!!  your very own custom laptop sleeve!!

if you're not inclined to sew your own you can find my chevron pattern sleeve here and the echino bird print sleeve here.

The Crafted Sparrow

Dragonfly DesignsThe Well Crafted Home

Ladybird Ln

Monday, June 11, 2012

Get your craft on!!

yay my first linky party!!  the plan is to host the party throughout the week and post features over the weekend.  

some guidelines:
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
-follow my blog and/or like me on facebook
-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

so if you have any crafty projects link up here!!  

the gilded hare

Sunday, June 10, 2012

bird print cosmetic pouch giveaway winner!!

wow that might be the longest post title i've ever had...

congratulations to the Cindy for winning my first giveaway!!  i will be mailing your new pouch by USPS on monday so keep an eye out!!

check out her blog here and her sweet vintage etsy shop here!!

hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

diy travel kit

one of my best friends is getting married in a couple of weeks yay!!  unfortunately that means flying...12+ hours of flying...and then some grungy hotel action:/  on the plus side travelings means adorable little pouches and organizers which are some of my fav things in the world.  so i decided to whip up a little travel kit for my trip.  it holds hair bands, bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, band-aids, and even a small tube of neo.  this was also the first time i made a pocket-y type zipper-not sure what the technical name is...  but it was actually pretty simple and i can already imagine plenty of times when it would be useful.  

i did some light quilting on the outside but only because that tree just had perfect placement...completely by accident of course.  i thought the outside was looking pretty plain so i used a freezer paper stencil for that little flowery burst thingy.  i wish i had decided to do that before i installed the magnetic snap because it made it impossible to place it lower.  it ended up being a little bit bigger than i would like but i'm still excited to use it!!

i hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!!

tips on jazzing up your blog

okay so i haven't really been able to settle on a blog design or theme that i really like (hence all the recent changing) but i think i might actually stick with this one.  first i sketched out an idea of what i wanted my blog to look like.  of course i don't really have any experience designing websites or graphic design so i tried to keep it pretty simple.  here's my preliminary sketch:

first the background-just basic stripes-i decided having the extra dots was just way too much.  i just opened up a blank file in photoshop and painted some stripeys.
i think the major problem i had with my previous blog designs was the font.  i really couldn't find a font that had the right vibe...until i found KG Call Me Maybe.  i looooove this font (and the song) so so much!!  lately i've really been crushing on tall skinny fonts.  for whatever reason the regular version wouldn't work on my mac but i like the skinny version better anyway.
next-colors.  before i couldn't settle on what colors i wanted but this time i forced myself to pick a color palette.  probably pretty basic advice but it really does help to narrow it down.  plus it makes going through all the advance settings of blogger go faster when you already know which colors to choose. i wish there were a couple more places i could slip in the coral color but i suppose i'll have to settle for the 'hover' action for now lol.

i really wanted to have custom titles for all the gadgets in my side bar...but i guess there's a limit on how many characters can go there because i couldn't get the whole code to instead i changed the font color of the gadget titles to transparent, then i opened a new html gadget right above the gadget that needed a title.  i ended up with some larger than necessary spaces but it gets the job done.  making these little titles is basically like making a blog button...over and over...

and talking (or typing) about blog buttons...i made a new one!!  and i made one for the linky parties i will be hosting soon...hopefully i'll have it up and running next weekend.  there's a really great tutorial on Ellison Lane Quilts on html coding to set up a blog button with a grab box.  you can see the final product on my right sidebar.  

there's no hardcore html/css coding going on here i did all this just by using blogger gadgets.  even my navigation bar across the top is just one big html gadget.  when i first really started considering my blog design i thought there was no way i'd be able to get  the 'custom' look a lot of the big blogs have without paying someone to do it for me but i think it turned out pretty well...and all i used was blogger gadgets and 3 different html codes!!  you can find my previous post here about html coding for social media links.  this is the code i used for basically everything-just replace the bolded parts with your own info.  you can find the original tutorial here.   
<a href="
329109590455030" target="_blank"><img src="http://hernewleaf."></a>
for the gadget titles you just use the last half of the code:
<img src="http://hernewleaf."></a>

and for the button with a grab box go here.  i was pretty nervous at first-it all just looks like a jumble of letters but it's really pretty simple cut and paste.  

so what d'you think??  are you ready for a totally professional looking blog?  it's actually much easier than it seems.  

linking up here:

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