Saturday, May 19, 2012

owl coin purse pattern

i usually don't buy patterns but i reeeally like this owl pattern from keyka lou aka michelle patterns.  it's only $5 (all of her patterns are less than $10) and she lets you sell anything you make using her patterns as long as you credit her. you can download the pattern instantly so you can print them immediately and start sewing!!  the instructions are easy to follow and you can also find helpful sewing tips on her website.  i added in the d-ring so i could attach it to my bag and used magnetic snaps instead of velcro.  i've been using one for almost a year to keep my earbuds in and it's held together really well.  i also purchased her keychain clutch pattern and plan to make one to keep quarters in for when i do laundry.

do you ever buy patterns from vendors online?  i usually don't bother with patterns regardless of what i'm making...mostly 'cause i can figure out how to piece things together just by looking at it.  but at the same time, these are hardworking artists that are trying to make a living on their trade-be it patterns, prints, or whatever.  would you pay for a pattern when you could figure out how to make it yourself?  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

diy painted wooden spoon tutorial

okay so i finally caved and bought some bamboo kitchen utensils so i could paint them!!  i couldn't find any singles so i got a set a 5 for $10 so roughly $2 a spoon.  so i posted before about how i couldn't decide  how exactly i wanted to paint them...and i decided to do all three.  there's gonna be good ol' fashioned plain white spoons, ombre spoons, and every spoon will be a different color (or technically is it a different shade?).

anyway, it's pretty simple, just use painter's tape to tape off the handle of your spoon.  then use primer on the part you want to paint.  if you're going for the ombre look, i think it helps to mix all your paint before hand just to make sure you get the gradient right so you don't have to paint multiple coats (like what i did).  when i was done painting, i did some light sanding to give it more of an aged look.  then put on some sealant and you're done!!  of course make sure everything you use is non-toxic especially the sealant.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

diy pyramid gift boxes

these little pyramid boxes are great for small gifts or even wedding/party favors.  it's easiest to print the pattern and cut it out, then trace it onto whatever paper you want to use for your box (rather than printing onto a single 8x11 paper).  you can make 4 boxes per 12"x12" sheet.

i found these pyramid boxes from sassafras and you can find the download here.

pier 1 doily plates

so i actually saw these plates mooonths ago-i think around christmas?  i really wanted to get one but i decided to hold out and save money for presents.  well i went back around march to see if they still had them and they were all gone...but i went back yesterday and they were there again yay!!  i think these plates are sooo cute and they were only $6 a piece...which can add up if you're getting a set but i only wanted one.  

there are 4 different doily patterns but this one is the most complex imo.  i mostly got it for photos/props...and to eat cookies off of...i mean who wouldn't want to eat a cookie off an adorable plate like this??  

i also think these plates would be great for diy projects too-using a vinyl cutout or some paint would definitely jazz these babies up.  i could see them being even cuter with a little owl in the center maybe?

Friday, May 11, 2012

painted wooden kitchen utensils

first...thank god it's friday!!

has anyone else noticed the painted wooden kitchen utensils floating around lately?  i don't usually use wooden spoons and such in the kitchen but the more i see the more i want to buy one just so i can paint it!!  

at first i was leaning toward a simple, clean white like these spoons from anthro:

but then i saw these colorful guys by little bit funky:

theeeen i saw these hand-painted ombre spoons by oMEandoMY on etsy:

and now i have no idea how i want to paint my spoons!!

what d'you guys think?  how would you paint your wooden spoons?  do you even use wooden utensils?  am i crazy for wanting to buy one just so i can paint it??

have a happy weekend!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pencil urchin spine pendants

i've only recently discovered sea urchin spine jewelry-am i out of the loop?  where have these things been all my life??  i love the subtle color changes, and how varied the colors and textures can be on these spines.  you can do a simple google image search for some inspiration.

i thought one might be too lonely so i made three...the shape is fairly simple to achieve-mine are roughly pinkie finger sized.  texture is always a plus but the main focus is how you paint them.  i think these could be really cool with a more modern paint job (taped off lines with bright colors and such) but i tried to go for a more natural look, which was actually somewhat difficult.  i'm not even sure i achieved the look i was going for:/

i think the colors i used were a little too bright compared to real urchin spines and i wish i hadn't left a white band on all three but they still make for an interesting necklace.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

antler pendant

here's part two of my mini series on making jewelry from one pack of sculpey.

i may have 'lost' the photos of the process for this one (in other words i forgot to take them)...but here's the result!!  fake modeling grass makes an interesting backdrop for white jewelry oddly enough, especially nature inspired jewelry.


 and for scale here it is in the palm of my hand:

i found that this piece depends heavily on texture to really bring it to life.  however, you could leave it fairly smooth and pain it a neon color (which seems to be all the craze lately).  i had originally planned on using some neon highlights but i thought it might detract from all the texture i painstakingly added.  

if you want your own little antler pendant, start by shaping a small piece of clay in the antler style of your choice.  again you can leave it smooth or you can add lots of texture (my sculpture prof back in college was all about texture and i think it's rubbed off on me lol).  i used a tooth pick to get all the grooves and to make all the little pits and knobs.  

Tip:  if you want a wider grooves just sand the tip of your toothpick down.  

deer antlers also tend to get somewhat knobby near the base so you can add in some of those as well.  then add a slight curve to each of the prongs and bake/dry.  

Tip:  if the sculpey starts getting too warm/tacky pop it in the freezer for a couple minutes to stiffen it up again. 

i painted my antler white and sealed it with some mod podge-i like the simple, almost ceramic look it has.  

be sure to view the whole mini series for more ideas on clay jewelry!!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

diy dip-dyed feather pendant

this is part one of my mini series on making jewelry from one pack of sculpey-you can find the original post here.


start by deciding on what shape you want your feather to be.  trace/draw your pattern onto a piece of parchment paper and cut it out.  roll your clay into a flat thin rectangle slightly larger than your pattern.  place your parchment paper cutout on top of your clay and use it as a guide to cut out your feather.

Tip:  for large flat pieces such as this, it's helpful to keep the parchment paper cut out on the back of your piece to keep it from sticking.  it makes it much easier to handle while you're working on it; it's easier to pick up (you won't have to worry about distortion when a piece gets stuck), and you can just peel it off before you bake.

next, roll a thin clay snake for the quill of the feather and attach to the top of the main piece.  using a toothpick or needle tool, make lines outward away from the quill.  then drill a small hole so you have something to hang your pendant by.

bake or dry your clay.  you can either leave your feather white or you can paint it for a pop of color.  i went for a dip-dyed look with mine.

be sure to view the whole mini series for more ideas on clay jewelry!!

jewelry ideas with sculpey

so i'm starting a new 'mini series' on jewelry ideas from one pack of sculpey.  i will only be using a single pack of sculpey and paint (and carving/texturing tools).  this pack of sculpey costs only $3 and you can make many different types of jewelry from just one little pack!!

(i know i've posted this before but i included a photo tutorial this time)

antler pendant

simple white antler pendant with lots of texture

pencil urchin spine pendants

shaping these pendants is relatively simple but painting them is the tricky part

i will be making the links for these projects live as soon as i finish typing the post/tutorials.  after these 3 projects i still have about half a package left of sculpey so i will post more projects as i finish them.  and since i only used half a package, all three of these projects only cost about $1.50 in clay!!