Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sorry I have been missing for this past week but I may be missing for a while longer.  I am now in the process of finding a new place to live, somewhat unexpectedly unfortunately.  

My apartment is on the top floor of a complex with businesses on the ground floor and last month a new 'arcade' opened up.  Of course, when I say 'arcade' it doesn't sound too bad.  For me it's kinda like okay, now my boyfriend is just going to be downstairs spending quarters playing DDR or some shooting game.  But it's more of an adult arcade.  And by that I mean it's how people get around the fact that gambling is illegal in Hawaii.  So you can play games, and instead of winning money you win prizes which you can then trade in for money.  For example, you could win a $10 phone card which you can then trade in for $10 cash.  

So now there's a bunch of weird creepy guys hanging around the bottom floor who smoke/drink/eat/whatever else, and of course since they stay and smoke right at the entrance (which is illegal) all the smoke blows directly up into our apartment.  And now there are a bunch of kids who smoke and deal marijuana downstairs too.  And apparently my boyfriend has even seen a 'lady of the evening' down there haggling on yeah.  Apparently the neighborhood is really going downhill.  

What's really awesome is my boyfriend called the police last night because our neighbor was smoking so much marijuana that our entire apartment was filled with smoke (we don't have AC so if we close all the windows it becomes unbearably hot and stuffy).  So the police officer asked him if he was burning, he said yeah just a small joint, and the officer was like 'okay' and let him go.  No warning, nothing.  Just let him get in a car and leave.  So not only possession of an illegal substance but driving under the influence?  Really??  Yeah that happened.  

So we are now looking for a new place to live.  Which is sad because our apartment has a really great location but with all the changes that happened in the past month we think it's time to find a new home.  

So I apologize if I don't have too much to post for the next few weeks.  I do have one tutorial in the works but after that it may be a while.  


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Get Your Craft On #11

Okay, so I switched my party day to Wednesday because I thought somehow it would work better with my posting schedule...well it weirds me out.  It just felt wrong having a party in the middle of the week so I'm moving it back to Mondays.  Hope I'm not throwing anyone off by switching it up again!

Also, don't forget for the rest of the month all ad spaces on my blog are 1/2 off!  Read more about how to advertise for as low as $2 here.

So for this week's party:
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial (although recipes are welcome too)
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
-follow my blog on one of the following: GFC, Bloglovin', FB, Pinterest, etc 
-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Post and Linky Party!

So today is Admissions Day aka Statehood Day in Hawaii...which means three day weekend wooo!!  And in celebration of said three day weekend, I'm guest posting over at Pinkapotamus and guest hosting her Under 300 Followers Link Party!  

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So now.. let's get this party started!
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 You can find the original link party and my guest post here.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Pin'spired Clutch

I found this pin here a little while ago and I really like the idea...but then I couldn't find the actual website/tutorial that it goes to only the image.  So I kinda just made my own. 

Okay, prepare yourselves, this tutorial is quite lengthy compared to what I've been posting!  But the process is really pretty simple and it comes together really quickly.   I can't really remember what measurements I used but I will include my estimates. 

-main fabric
-velcro, or any type of closure

Start by cutting the circles, you will need 1 piece of interfacing and 2 pieces of lining.  The radius of the circle determines the height of your clutch.   Cut all the circles in half.  The radius of my circles were about 5.5 inches. 

To make the divider, cut a rectangle that has the same length as the diameter of your circles (plus seam allowances).  The width is up to you.  You will need 2 lining and 1 interfacing.  Mine is about 10 inches by 7 inches. 

For the outside, start with the rectangle that is the same size as the divider.  Then add a couple inches in length for the flap.  This is the real reason why I can't remember my measurements, I was making this out of an old pair of shorts so I was trying to see how big I could make it out of one short leg.  You will need 1 interfacing, 1 lining, and 1 main fabric. 

So fuse, sew or otherwise attach your interfacing.   To make the divider, sew along all the edges, right sides together, and leave a small opening.  Clip the corners, flip right side out and press.  I added some top stitching along all the edges just because. 

To make the little clamshell thingies, sew all along the curved edge with the right sides together.  Notch the curved edge, flip right side out and press.   I also top stitched along the curved edge. 

The dots are where you will attach the divider later.  The lines are where I sewed along the creases, this is optional but I think it makes it look a bit neater.  Make sure that all the seams are on the inside.  So start by folding the half circle in half, right sides in.  Sew along the folded edge (where the arrow is) as close to the edge as you can while still catching all the layers of fabric.   To determine the next point, fold it into third, leave a little overhang for the seam allowance.  The fold on the left is where you will attach the divider later, and the fold on the right (where the arrow points) is where you will sew next.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Again, the bumpy side with the seams is the inside, and the smooth side is the outside.  Repeat on the other clam shell. 

Next, take the 2 main pieces, right sides together.  You will want to place the semicircles on the inside, outside facing the main fabric.  Sew all the way around leaving a small opening, flip right side out and press.  You can either slip stitch it closed or top stitch all around.  

Add your velcro.  

When I went to add my divider I realized it was actually way too long so I added some seams to the middle giving it more of a flat bottom.  Then you can either hand stitch the divider in place, like the pin shows, or you can use your machine.  I used my machine to stitch about 1/2 inch just along the top.  

And you're done!  For some reason, I was thinking that this was going to be really complicated but was actually pretty simple.  It just looks complicated because of the interior.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get Your Craft On #10

Whoa the past few weeks have been really busy!  Between the giveaways, guest posts, plus my usual tutorials and starting a new job, I feel like I've been neglecting my linky party a little bit...  Sorta like how I wrote this yesterday but then somehow forgot to post it...sorry it's late!!

 So this week's features: 

DIY 'Little Man' Birthday Card from MamaMiss:
I love the look of this wreath, especially the 'Mister Man' card!!  This would be great for Father's Day too!

DIY Craft Organizer from Blue Giraffe Crafts:
I'm pretty much an organization freak so this little stitchery/craft organizer is right up my alley!

Country Girl Purse from Old Jeans from Sew Fabulous Now:

And for this week's party:
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
-follow my blog and/or like me on facebook
-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Marbled Pendants

Okay, so earlier this week we established that I am basically obsessed with shrinky dinks right?  Well I just really can't help myself, I've been using them again!  

 Does anyone else see a dragon in this one or is it just me??
First, check out this video tutorial on how to marble glass with nail polish.  I saw something similar a while back on Pinterest but I couldn't get a good handle on how it actually worked.  The video makes it seem really easy but it shows the general process.  
I didn't actually take any photos during because you have to move really fast to get them to turn out...I mean really dilly dallying allowed here.

 There is a lot of trial and error involved in this, or at least for me.  The video makes it look really simple but it took me about a million tries to actually get one to turn out well.

I used an old jar lid with water to make mine.  You really don't need much water maybe 1/2", just enough to keep the nail polish suspended and keep it from touching the container bottom.

The video says to use a few drops of clear nail polish first which honestly did not work well for me.  I think the problem was that my clear polish is supposed to dry in 60 seconds, so it formed this kind of dry film almost instantly when it hit the water.  And when the polish is dry it causes problems...I ended up just using a drop of the blue polish first, which spread out completely and then did alternating drops from there.

You will have to play around with your polish a bit because each polish has a different consistency and will spread differently.  For example, the blue polish spread really quickly but the silver was thicker and slower moving.

But you want to do it as fast as you can because once it starts to dry you won't be able to run your toothpick through it to get the marbling effect.  It basically becomes this dry nail polish film on top of the water which is basically useless.  Which happened to me a LOT.  But don't give up!  I could only make 2 the first night I tried and when I tried again the next day I cranked out the next 4 pretty quickly.

Oh, and to dip the pendants, I just used a little bit of clay, stuck it to the back and dipped.  You do want to dip at an angle to avoid air bubbles then I just gently dabbed the water droplets with a paper towel so it could dry.  

I think I will have to play around with this technique more...once you get the hang of it it's really fun to keep making them.  They could make really unique little charms for favors or gifts too. 

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Guest Post: Laura from Blue Giraffe Crafts!

Yay my very first guest post!!  Laura from Blue Giraffe Crafts was the winner of my August ad space giveaway!  See her cute little giraffe in the corner:)  Included with the ad was a guest post, so read on to find out more about her crafty and Pinteresting adventures!! 

Hi there!  I'm Laura from Blue Giraffe Crafts.  I'm the lucky winner of the ad competition and Michelle's kindly letting me do a guest post to tell you all about my blog.

My main craft is sewing.  My mum trained as a nursery nurse at a time when you had to be able to sew clothes, soft toys, burp cloths and so on to pass the course and one of my Grannies made her living sewing up leather gloves and the other sews as a hobby.  Basically there was no way I was growing up without learning how to use a sewing machine or how to embroider and cross stitch!

Last year after a lot of training, a degree, locating a job and a moving into my first house, my Gran gave me the sewing machine I learnt to sew on as a moving in present.  So I started to delve back into the crafts I'd loved as a kid and a teenager but forgotten about while at uni!  This year I went one step further and started documenting my experiments and trying to share a few projects in a blog.

On my blog you will come across projects, reviews and examples of:
  • Sewing - I've become a bit of a bag addict, from the retro clutch I made for my vintage obsessed friend to my first crochet project, a patriotic flower purse (which has turned into a camera case).  Currently my sewing is bag related however I'm challenging myself to make clothes again so will be updating blogland on how that goes...
  • Cooking - ok, small confession, right after sewing comes baking.  I love food and cooking for people.  I share my favourite things to cook and recipes I've come up with.  My favourite this year - my Mum's birthday cake!  I got to combine baking and crafting with my fondant icing piggies.
  • Cross stitch - I'm loving the cross stitch revival that's going on Britain right now, headed by people like Mr X Stitch and magazines like Crossstitcher...and I'm stitching like mad and even dipping in to designing.
  • My attempts at projects from Pininterest - Pininterest is bad for me, I lose ridiculous amounts of time pinning things I want to buy and collating a stupidly huge board of craft things I want to do.  So occasionally I get round to doing one of those projects and tell you how I get on...from origami butterflies to fabric cross stitch rolls, I'm attempting it and telling you how to do it better.

    • Ted the Cat - Ted is my foster cat.  My boyfriend's sister got a dog and her cat Ted does not like him so Ted now visits us at weekends to get respite.  Yes he has a weekend pad, he is the poshest cat in the world.  And weekend auntie has never had a pet before and therefore thinks Ted is the best thing on 4 legs!  He has a tendency to pop up in my posts as he likes crafting as well, particularly when there is wool to chase. 

    So please come and join in!  Let me know what you think and provide me with more things to put on my Pininterest craft board!

    Does anyone else think those fondant piggies are awesome??  Click on over to Blue Giraffe Crafts to read more about Laura!

    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    DIY Bunting Necklace

    Have I mentioned lately how much I like shrinky dinks?  Or how much I like buntings?  Well I do, like them...a lot.  There's about a million different thing you can do with shrinky dinks and buntings just make me happy.  They're always so cheery. 


    So I'm combining the two...into one awesome shrinky dink bunting necklace!   Sorry for the lack of 'before' photos it seems a bit weird to take photos of something that's clear...  But basically, cut out some triangles, punch holes, and bake as instructed. 

     Once they're cool, you can paint them with some fingernail polish and add your jump rings. 

    You could even rearrange the triangles if you feel like something more tribal...  

    And that's it!!  Linking up here

    Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Pattern Review: Double-Sided Headband

    Okay I've been wanting to make this headband forever!!  And by forever...I mean more like 6 months...  But check out this Double Sided Headband Pattern by Happy Together.

    It doesn't get much simpler than this headband, the pattern was the perfect size for my head and the tutorial has clear photos for every step.  Honestly, the hardest part was picking the fabric!  Well that and maybe trying to iron it without burning myself.

    It can be a bit tricky trying to attach the elastic piece to the front piece but I would recommend securing the elastic closer to your seam allowance rather than close to the edge.  That way the ends will lay flat and be easier to catch when topstitching rather than wanting to scrunch up on you.

    If you have a jelly roll, this is the perfect project.  the band will be a bit skinnier in the front but you could potentially make lots of little gifts or party favors for people!

    Linking up here.

    August Ads Sale

    Have you ever heard of PassionFruit Ads?  I've only heard about it recently but it's a really easy way to put your ad up on a blog or even swap ads.  It generates all the HTML for your shop and ads all you have to do it cut and paste.  Plus it automatically rotates your ads and takes them down after 30 days so you don't have to worry.

    As I mentioned before, I will be doing a 1/2 off sale on ad spaces for the month of August!  You can read more about my ads here. So if you are interested, just use the code HALF OFF when purchasing your ad space and start advertising for as low as $2.50!!

    I am also open to swapping ad spaces!  If you'd like to swap ad spaces use the code SWAP when purchasing (only medium size ads).  Then just shoot me an email ( with some info on how to set up my ad on your blog.

    **UPDATE**  For those that were having problems, I have fixed the promo code issues!  Also, I just realized that PassionFruit only works in $1 increments so I have lowered the price of the medium ads to $4.  So now you can advertise for as low as $2!!

    Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Pattern Review: Wallet-To-Tote To Go

    The first time I saw this pattern I knew I had to make one...but then I got intimidated...I mean zipper on a curve?  With a hidden bag inside?  It seemed a little too complicated at the time so I put it off.  But after my last project with a curved zipper I thought maybe it won't be too bad...hah!  

    So your first impression of this awesome little bag, is that it's a clutch right?  There's a long zip all the way around and then a little inset zipper on the front.  But it's really a transformer (cue cheesy transformer's sound effect).

    Shazaam!  Bet you didn't expect a whole bag to come out of there did you??

    I had to modify the posted tutorial a bit because the longest zipper I had at the time was only 14 inches. So instead of the rounded pattern posted, I made a simple rectangular, or square shape.  Honestly, the bag construction is super simple and the easiest part.  I did add a couple inches of interfacing along the top edge of the outer fabric of the bag just for some added strength around the handles.  But I didn't use any interfacing for handles they seem okay.  

    The inset zipper is pretty simple, you can find my version here.  

    The most complicated part, and the part that really got me frustrated was the long zipper.  For whatever reason, my sewing machine really did not like this zipper (probably because I was getting too confident in my zipper sewing technique).  Threads kept catching and the tension was getting thrown off and all sorts of weird stuff was happening.  But I toughed it out and I ended up with a pretty nifty little bag/clutch.  

    What I would recommend when you're working on this bag is first definitely make sure you have a zipper that's long enough.  This is not a place where you can get always with being a little off, you need to have an extra couple inches of zipper.  Second, definitely clip the corners/curves before you sew.  I usually don't do this until I'm done, but when I got to the corners on this piece it was really difficult to sew without clipping.  

    Again, you can find the original tutorial from Ikat Bag's guest post on Sew, Mama, Sew here.

    Linking up here.