Friday, April 27, 2012

blog makeover

so i had the day off from work today so i decided to change things up in my blog a little bit.

first, the background-it went from chevron to more of a herringbone pattern.  not really a major change but i actually made this background myself instead of using a free background so i like that.  i just used a sharpie (ahh sharpie fumes) and a sheet of computer paper.  then i scanned it and slapped it (electronically) up on blogger.

next, my new social media icons!!  i stumbled across this awesome tutorial via Her New Leaf that shows you how to make your own icons with html.  i've never used html before and i thought it was pretty easy to follow-mostly cut and paste.  one thing i did have a problem with was getting the icons side by side.  originally i was making a new gadget for each icon-you need to put the html code for each icon in the same gadget and then they'll be lined up horizontally.

<a href="
329109590455030" target="_blank"><img src="http://hernewleaf."></a>

here is the code form Her New Leaf, just switch out the bolded parts for your own image/site.  again keep adding the code to the same gadget instead of opening a new one each icon.  

 i was going to use these cool pantone freebie icons from The Academy but i decided to make some bunny inspired ones instead.  i couldn't decide what color to make them but i settled for a turquoise color that was part of my blogger color palette.  i'm sure i'll end up changing the soon as i decide what to change it to...

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  1. LOVE the new look! And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that your background is your own! How cool is that! A handmade background! Next time you're off from work, you should do mine. Lol. I'm in need of a blog revamp.

    ♥ Duckie.


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