Tuesday, June 12, 2012

diy laptop sleeve tutorial

i'm sure pretty much everyone in this day and age has a laptop right?  well as i'm sure you all have noticed laptop accessories can be...lacking.  i mean who really wants some plain black neoprene case to carry their laptop around in? when you can have a totally cool, custom made sleeve made from any fabric you want??

my laptop sleeves are completely padded, fully lined, and they have boxed corners for an easier fit for you laptop.  here's my chevron/blue version...i was really tempted to keep this one for myself.  i might end up making another to keep...even though i already have a laptop case.

 or for something different this one is made from echino bird print fabric with the same blue lining.

these sleeves were actually a lot easier than i thought and i completed one in less than an hour, well technically less than an episode of bones lol.  these sleeves were made to fit a 13" macbook but i will try to describe a process to make one for any size laptop.  the tutorial for how to make a padded laptop sleeve:

-main fabric
-batting (i used basic polyester batting)
-velcro (i used a 4" strip but you may want 2 strips or a bigger strip if you have a bigger laptop)
-interfacing (optional)

the pattern is made of 2 rectangles, for each rectangle you will need 1 each of main fabric, lining, and batting so you will end up with 3 rectangles of each pattern or 6 total.

the first rectangle is the back-or the measurements start by measuring your computer:
width=width of your computer + seam allowances
length=length of your computer + flap (i added 5 inches)  when calculating flap length don't forget to consider the height of your laptop

the second rectangle is the front and will include the boxed corners:
width=width of your computer + height of your computer + seam allowances
length= length of your computer + heigh of your computer + seam allowances

to mark the boxed corners, mark off a square in two bottom corners that are the height of your laptop + seam allowances.

cut velcro strips as needed

first start by basting the main fabric to your batting, this will make it muuuch easier to work with.  i won't be referring to the batting anymore but when i say the main fabric i mean the main fabric with the batting attached.

go ahead and box the bottom corners of the front pieces of main fabric and lining fabric.  then take these two pieces, right sides together, and sew across the top.  flip right side out and press.  you can add some topstitching across the tip here to durability.  then pin and sew the velcro in place.  depending on the size of your flap it should be around 2 inches down from the top edge.

next lay the front pieces right side up on the back piece of lining fabric.  both pieces should be right side up.  pin and sew in places.  (if you want to add your velcro without leaving stitches on the outside, use some interfacing where you will be placing the velcro and sew in place now.)  place the back main piece of fabric on top of the other pieces, right sides together.  sew all the way around leaving an opening somewhere on the flap to flip right side out.  press, and top stitch all around the flap closing the opening.  if you haven't already, pin and sew your velcro in place.  i sewed my velcro through all layers of fabric just to reduce the pull on a single piece of fabric each time you open the flap.  press again and it's ready to use!!  your very own custom laptop sleeve!!

if you're not inclined to sew your own you can find my chevron pattern sleeve here and the echino bird print sleeve here.

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