Sunday, April 15, 2012

free printable recipe cards

i'm usually not a big fan of recipe cards but when i found this adorable printable from Jayna at Behind the Studio i knew i had to make some!!

here is the original printable from Behind the Studio:
 all i did was make a more printer friendly version with 2 per page.  I also made a back for longer recipes.


  1. Hey Michelle, I've given you an award:

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. Would you mind posting your version with the two cards per page and back sides? Thanks!

    1. the last two pics are my version-one with the bullets is the front and the one that is all lines is the back.

  3. The recipe cards really awesome. I believe that these cards will attract your customer attention.

  4. This is great, I love the idea of recipe cards, I so want to make my recipes printable, but you know, it took me forever to just figure out how to link things, so it could take me years.


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