Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sick day

sorry for the delayed responses and comments everyone!!  also for the delayed pattern/tutorial for the mustache card holder-i still plan on making one i just haven't had a chance-i've been running a fever the past couple of days.  i've also been toying with the idea of making a PDF this time...

health is such an odd thing...when i was born i was 2 months premature and had asthma and was just generally unhealthy.  the general unhealthiness continued up until about 3rd grade.  i remember i used to get the flu really bad about once a year.  and it always ended up with my vomit in a place other than the toilet, one time even in the sink...cause i couldn't make it that extra 3 steps lol.  but after that i never really got sick, i mean i had seasonal allergies (once a year) but i don't really count that.  basically from 4th grade to sophomore year of college i didn't get sick once.  i didn't get a cold, the flu, nothing.  it was a blissful time...

then sophomore year of college i got sick 2-3 times, i'm not sure what it was, it might've been strep but i've never had it and the college med office didn't test (yeah they just gave me meds without testing what i had...).  that was also the first time i'd been to the doctor in my conscious memory and i only went because i kept getting it.  well, excluding the optometrist 'cause i've had an intimate relationship with them since 4th grade.  but for whatever reason, my family is not big on doctors-we don't do regular checkups for anything; i've only been to the dentist 4 times!!  i also thought it might've been mono 'cause one of my roomies had it but who knows...

and after that...nothing really.  i got sick once senior year of college-i think it might have been a weird sinus infection or something.  again, i didn't go to the doctor so i don't really know what it was.

and yet...since i've moved to hawaii, granted it's been almost a year, i've been sick 3 times.  this past weekend was the worst-i actually had a fever!!  as in chills and sweats!!  am i just getting old?  was sophomore year the cutoff for youthful health?  do other people normally get sick this often?  was my immune system awesome before and just average now??  what's wrong with me lol!!

anyway, i've been trying to figure out why i've been getting sick so much since coming here-number one on my list is public transit.  i spend about an hour every day to go to work and back on the bus and on basically every bus ride i hear someone coughing.  i don't really have a way to get around this because i don't have a car and i don't want to wear a face mask around (not that i think those are that effective anyway).  i also thought it might be the fact that my apartment doesn't have central AC so there's usually a breeze (natural or otherwise).  and my bf says it's bad to have a constant breeze on you while you sleep-dries out your nasal passages and whatnot (and he has a degree in biology so he has to be right right??).  plus there's no filter which makes everything get dusty three times faster!!  again i don't really have a way around this either because the alternative is to sweat both myself and my rabbits to death, well technically not the rabbits since they can't sweat.

and then i wondered if it's just because there are a bajillion more people here than home and they all fare from different places with different diseases/viruses/bacteria.  plus the fact that there's an international airport so who knows what's coming and going out of there.  which then made me wonder if people in small towns get sick less often than in larger metropolitan areas?  i mean i'm sure the same diseases are present and that they can always mutate at the drop of a hat but at the same time, in a small town you might have fewer new introductions than in a large town with international connections.  my logic here is probably horribly flawed lol.

so my solution to getting sick less often...move to a small isolated town, drive my own car, and have central AC!!  or just get enough sleep and take me vitamins...which is probably the less costly option.

anyway, enough of my ramblings, i hope to get the pattern up this weekend, hopefully i can make a snazzy PDF for everyone!!

stay healthy and we're almost halfway through the week woo!!

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  1. Aww, sorry you're not feeling well! I hope you feel better soon!

    ♥ Duckie.



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