Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Post: Laura from Blue Giraffe Crafts!

Yay my very first guest post!!  Laura from Blue Giraffe Crafts was the winner of my August ad space giveaway!  See her cute little giraffe in the corner:)  Included with the ad was a guest post, so read on to find out more about her crafty and Pinteresting adventures!! 

Hi there!  I'm Laura from Blue Giraffe Crafts.  I'm the lucky winner of the ad competition and Michelle's kindly letting me do a guest post to tell you all about my blog.

My main craft is sewing.  My mum trained as a nursery nurse at a time when you had to be able to sew clothes, soft toys, burp cloths and so on to pass the course and one of my Grannies made her living sewing up leather gloves and the other sews as a hobby.  Basically there was no way I was growing up without learning how to use a sewing machine or how to embroider and cross stitch!

Last year after a lot of training, a degree, locating a job and a moving into my first house, my Gran gave me the sewing machine I learnt to sew on as a moving in present.  So I started to delve back into the crafts I'd loved as a kid and a teenager but forgotten about while at uni!  This year I went one step further and started documenting my experiments and trying to share a few projects in a blog.

On my blog you will come across projects, reviews and examples of:
  • Sewing - I've become a bit of a bag addict, from the retro clutch I made for my vintage obsessed friend to my first crochet project, a patriotic flower purse (which has turned into a camera case).  Currently my sewing is bag related however I'm challenging myself to make clothes again so will be updating blogland on how that goes...
  • Cooking - ok, small confession, right after sewing comes baking.  I love food and cooking for people.  I share my favourite things to cook and recipes I've come up with.  My favourite this year - my Mum's birthday cake!  I got to combine baking and crafting with my fondant icing piggies.
  • Cross stitch - I'm loving the cross stitch revival that's going on Britain right now, headed by people like Mr X Stitch and magazines like Crossstitcher...and I'm stitching like mad and even dipping in to designing.
  • My attempts at projects from Pininterest - Pininterest is bad for me, I lose ridiculous amounts of time pinning things I want to buy and collating a stupidly huge board of craft things I want to do.  So occasionally I get round to doing one of those projects and tell you how I get on...from origami butterflies to fabric cross stitch rolls, I'm attempting it and telling you how to do it better.

    • Ted the Cat - Ted is my foster cat.  My boyfriend's sister got a dog and her cat Ted does not like him so Ted now visits us at weekends to get respite.  Yes he has a weekend pad, he is the poshest cat in the world.  And weekend auntie has never had a pet before and therefore thinks Ted is the best thing on 4 legs!  He has a tendency to pop up in my posts as he likes crafting as well, particularly when there is wool to chase. 

    So please come and join in!  Let me know what you think and provide me with more things to put on my Pininterest craft board!

    Does anyone else think those fondant piggies are awesome??  Click on over to Blue Giraffe Crafts to read more about Laura!

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