Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get Your Craft On #10

Whoa the past few weeks have been really busy!  Between the giveaways, guest posts, plus my usual tutorials and starting a new job, I feel like I've been neglecting my linky party a little bit...  Sorta like how I wrote this yesterday but then somehow forgot to post it...sorry it's late!!

 So this week's features: 

DIY 'Little Man' Birthday Card from MamaMiss:
I love the look of this wreath, especially the 'Mister Man' card!!  This would be great for Father's Day too!

DIY Craft Organizer from Blue Giraffe Crafts:
I'm pretty much an organization freak so this little stitchery/craft organizer is right up my alley!

Country Girl Purse from Old Jeans from Sew Fabulous Now:

And for this week's party:
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
-follow my blog and/or like me on facebook
-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

the gilded hare


  1. Thanks for hosting this :-)

  2. Good morning! I found you from the Pinkopotomus Blog Hop and am so glad I did! What a great blog you have! New Follower! -Marci

    Oh, yeah... And thank you for hosting! ;-)

  3. Super cute blog! I'm visiting from the Pinkopotomus Blog Hop :) New follower and fan!

  4. I love your diy jewelry projects! :) I will be following from now on
    and thank you for hosting the party! :)
    Cecilia from Italy

  5. aww thanks Michelle for featuring my wreath!!
    What a nice sweet surprise :)

    xx melissa @ mamamiss

  6. Thanks for featuring my County Girl Purse! : )


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