Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sorry I have been missing for this past week but I may be missing for a while longer.  I am now in the process of finding a new place to live, somewhat unexpectedly unfortunately.  

My apartment is on the top floor of a complex with businesses on the ground floor and last month a new 'arcade' opened up.  Of course, when I say 'arcade' it doesn't sound too bad.  For me it's kinda like okay, now my boyfriend is just going to be downstairs spending quarters playing DDR or some shooting game.  But it's more of an adult arcade.  And by that I mean it's how people get around the fact that gambling is illegal in Hawaii.  So you can play games, and instead of winning money you win prizes which you can then trade in for money.  For example, you could win a $10 phone card which you can then trade in for $10 cash.  

So now there's a bunch of weird creepy guys hanging around the bottom floor who smoke/drink/eat/whatever else, and of course since they stay and smoke right at the entrance (which is illegal) all the smoke blows directly up into our apartment.  And now there are a bunch of kids who smoke and deal marijuana downstairs too.  And apparently my boyfriend has even seen a 'lady of the evening' down there haggling on yeah.  Apparently the neighborhood is really going downhill.  

What's really awesome is my boyfriend called the police last night because our neighbor was smoking so much marijuana that our entire apartment was filled with smoke (we don't have AC so if we close all the windows it becomes unbearably hot and stuffy).  So the police officer asked him if he was burning, he said yeah just a small joint, and the officer was like 'okay' and let him go.  No warning, nothing.  Just let him get in a car and leave.  So not only possession of an illegal substance but driving under the influence?  Really??  Yeah that happened.  

So we are now looking for a new place to live.  Which is sad because our apartment has a really great location but with all the changes that happened in the past month we think it's time to find a new home.  

So I apologize if I don't have too much to post for the next few weeks.  I do have one tutorial in the works but after that it may be a while.  



  1. I am so sorry you are going to have to move. I hope you find a place!

  2. Moving can be a hassle, but it sounds like the right decision. I'm sure you'll find the perfect place! -Marci

  3. Good luck finding something! Any place sounds better then where you're at right now.

  4. That's really horrid...I hope you find something way better soon.

  5. So sorry to here that yo have to move. I hope that the move proves to be beneficial and you are placed in a better place.

  6. Oh dear. So sorry you have to move, but I'm sure it is for the best considering what's happening. Lots of hugs and all the best in searching for your new place :-)



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