Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pattern Review: Wallet-To-Tote To Go

The first time I saw this pattern I knew I had to make one...but then I got intimidated...I mean zipper on a curve?  With a hidden bag inside?  It seemed a little too complicated at the time so I put it off.  But after my last project with a curved zipper I thought maybe it won't be too bad...hah!  

So your first impression of this awesome little bag, is that it's a clutch right?  There's a long zip all the way around and then a little inset zipper on the front.  But it's really a transformer (cue cheesy transformer's sound effect).

Shazaam!  Bet you didn't expect a whole bag to come out of there did you??

I had to modify the posted tutorial a bit because the longest zipper I had at the time was only 14 inches. So instead of the rounded pattern posted, I made a simple rectangular, or square shape.  Honestly, the bag construction is super simple and the easiest part.  I did add a couple inches of interfacing along the top edge of the outer fabric of the bag just for some added strength around the handles.  But I didn't use any interfacing for handles they seem okay.  

The inset zipper is pretty simple, you can find my version here.  

The most complicated part, and the part that really got me frustrated was the long zipper.  For whatever reason, my sewing machine really did not like this zipper (probably because I was getting too confident in my zipper sewing technique).  Threads kept catching and the tension was getting thrown off and all sorts of weird stuff was happening.  But I toughed it out and I ended up with a pretty nifty little bag/clutch.  

What I would recommend when you're working on this bag is first definitely make sure you have a zipper that's long enough.  This is not a place where you can get always with being a little off, you need to have an extra couple inches of zipper.  Second, definitely clip the corners/curves before you sew.  I usually don't do this until I'm done, but when I got to the corners on this piece it was really difficult to sew without clipping.  

Again, you can find the original tutorial from Ikat Bag's guest post on Sew, Mama, Sew here.

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