Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 13: Somewhere I'd like to Visit/Move

it's time for bloggy challengy goodness!  even thought it's only 9:46 pm, i can barely keep my eyes open!!  i've become a veritable old lady!!  i mean i've already got cardigans by the boatload so i'm halfway there lol. 

so places i would like to visit or move...well to be fair i've already visited a lot of places that i wanted to; paris, italy, japan, and london to name a few.  but some places i still want to go...the 2 places that i've always wanted to go since i was a kid are egypt and australia.  i've always wanted to go diving in australia and see the pyramids of egypt!!  i was always interested in eyptian culture as a kid and i still love hieroglyphics!  and diving, well even though i'm really a horrible swimmer i love being in the water.  there's something so relaxing about it and the marine biota can be so amazing!! 

okay so i totally fell asleep mid-post last night haha!! 

well, some quick updates:

i do have a new full time job so i have less free time now.  i will try to keep posting several times a week but i might not....or i might fall asleep mid-post like last night lol!

this month's giveaway is up and running, enter here for a chance to win some free advertising! 

i have a new blog signature/disclaimer.  not that i've had any problems with my regular followers but i have found my stuff posted on sites without having any idea how they got there...  not that i think this is really going to stop people from doing that...but it makes me feel better lol. 

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