Sunday, January 8, 2012

chan luu style wrap bracelet

like everyone else i've been harboring a growing obsession with the chan luu style wrap bracelets and i've been wanting to make one for a while.  so i skimmed through a couple tutorials and it seemed like too much wrapping/twisting/beading for me but i finally tried it...and it was actually really easy.  it took me less than an hour to make this single wrap bracelet and it was my first time.  (you can see on the first photo where i accidentally wrapped the wrong direction...)  the photos make the beads look kinda washed out but they actually cast a pretty nice shadow.  


  1. awesome do you sell them like to purchase multiples

    1. i plan on selling these in my etsy shop (should be up in a couple weeks) but i will be using different beads.


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