Monday, January 2, 2012

Lanai Gardening

thanks for stopping by my new blog!!  i've been wanting to start one since last spring but i'm just now getting around to it...  (i've been playing a lot of skyrim lately hence the name-although blog of minor crafting might be more accurate for me lol)

I've always had a black thumb...probably even blacker than black thumb.  Every single plant that has ever been given/found/or otherwise obtained by me has always died a long, horrible, lingering death (cacti and valentine's day roses included).  but when i moved i figured i'd try again (mostly just for snacks for my rabbits)...and i'm actually growing things!!  i mean it probably has more to do with the fact that i moved to hawaii where it's perpetually warm and sunny than with anything i'm doing but hey, whatever works.  

so a few weeks back i planted some lettuce-i originally planted the seeds in a paper egg carton and when they started sprouting i moved them.  they were still growing pretty slow but once they starting producing 1-2 leaves i moved them about 6 inches apart and then they really exploded!!  i'm not sure if it's because they need the space or if it's because of it being the rainy season or both?  and for whatever reason the one on the right (which is the same type as the one in the middle) is really outgrowing the others...  

lettuce and dill for the buns
the lettuce seemed so happy i decided to plant a couple carrots's only been a couple days but two of the three have already sprouted, yay!!  not sure how long it takes carrots to grow but i'm sure grumbles is counting down the days...

all in all i was pretty surprised at the growth i've seen-i mean if i had a bigger lanai i could totally see planting 'real' vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes maybe?) and actually getting a decent harvest.  plus it makes our tiny lanai a little more inviting as well as acting somewhat as a privacy screen...which is nice when your neighbor's lanai is literally a stone's throw away...


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