Sunday, January 29, 2012

recycle old mags

i got a magazine from ala moana a while back, and by a while back i mean before christmas.  and i haven't really found a good recycling center that accepts paper so i've kinda just been hanging on to it.  so today i decided to recycle it myself-into a little catch all/bowl/thingy.

i'm trying out the collage/montage method of tutorials again so...
1.  i cut all the magazine pages in half lengthwise
2.  fold them in half, and then into thirds
3.  start rolling the first strip-it's harder to get started but you want to pinch the corners to get the square shape
4.  when you add new strips be sure overlap the new one a little bit
5.  keep adding strips
6.  add strips until the base is about the size you want-mine is roughly palm sized
7.  now start on the sides-place the glue along the top edge of the existing strips
8.  place the new strip slightly higher than the existing strips-the higher you place it, the more vertical the walls will be.  the lower you place it, the more flared or V-shaped the walls will be
9.  keep adding strips

somehow i lost the photos i took of finishing the top edge??  basically, instead of placing the new strip higher, gradually lower the new strip until the top edge of the bowl is flat.

they're pretty useful little bowls, and i used less than half the magazine so i could make more...i think a pencil cup may be in order...?

  DIY under $5


  1. This is a very cute idea! I have some Better Homes and Gardens Magazines I just may try this with!

    -Jess @ That's Sew Crafty

  2. This is fun! Love your blog!! Check ours out and please, do follow if you like!

  3. this is awesome! very good idea!!!

  4. Great idea for all the left over Christmas catalogs. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for this crafty idea. I can't wait till I try it.

  6. You don't mention glue. Did you glue the paper strips together like you did the rope?

    1. yep-i used glue all the way around on the walls, but to cut back on the weight a little bit for the bottom i only put a bit of glue at the beginning, middle, and end of each strip .

  7. Would anyone like to make and sell these wonderful magazine items with proceeds supporting a global magazine literacy project for at-risk children and families (

  8. you can use multiple small rolled pages next to each other on a mirror to create a border/frame for a mirror. Saw it at a friends house.
    She is an interior designer.
    Worth a mention.

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