Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dresser Makeover

okay so this is the first time i've ever done anything with furniture-i've always been somewhat intimidated but i got this dresser of craigslist for $10 so i figured why not?  well i went and bought some primer and spray paint, and a couple hours later...

i even spray painted a little owl for the dresser top!!  it looks somewhat more sinister than i anticipated but still cute.  the dresser was missing one of the original handles so i replaced the top two handles with clear knobs for about $15.  i wish i had taken a 'before' photo 'cause man this baby has come a looong way lol.  


  1. what color was the spray paint that you used? it's gorgeous!

    1. hi

      i used rust-oleums painter's touch in winter gray (gloss finish)

  2. You did an awesome job! I LOVE this dresser. You are one talented gal. :)



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