Sunday, January 22, 2012

yarn rope!!

so i was making yarn pompoms and happened to have about half a skein left and decided to make some yarn rope.  

btw using credit cards/IDs/gift cards, ect is the best way to make don't have to make weird cardboard circles, buy a kit, or wrap your own hand and worry about cutting a finger off...which probably would've happened to me had i gone that route of pompom making...  

anyway, back to yarn's basically a bigger, better version of my friendship bracelet but the possibilities are endless!!  after i made mine i ended up wandering around my tiny apartment for almost an hour just draping it over things and imagining different ways to use it:

bag/purse straps
rug (if you're really ambitious)
garlands (i've been thinking about hanging my pompoms off one of these lol)
vase/pencil holder (soak the rope in liquid starch, wrap around a glass, let it dry and voila)

my list seems so much smaller compared to the time i spent contemplating...

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