Sunday, January 29, 2012

seed bombs...

i've always like seed bombs...being an 'environmental scientist' and all i like sifting through all the green ideas popping up all over the place.  i like the idea of making some small little fragment of earth, 'bombing' a place, and seeing new growth explode.  but what is a seed bomb really...?  basically a giant bunny poo!!  i mean, you can use some nice molds and packaging:

but in the end they're just giant bunny poos...with seeds

i've been surfing tutorials on how to make seed bombs and apparently they're pretty easy.  all you need is some clay (soil or craft) or recycled paper, and composted material, and seeds.   so i think i'm going to skip the clay and try to make some out of just bunny poo and see how they turn out.  i mean they stick together pretty well on they're own...and i throw bags of that stuff away every week so i might as well make something useful out of it right??  i guess if i really wanted to be green i'd already be composting that stuff...  i'm thinking it'll be really similar to when i made cake poppers: mix the batter, roll the balls, let dry.  anyway, i'm going to wait a couple days (since i just cleaned out the bunnies' litter boxes) and try it out. 


  1. What types of seeds are you going to use? Be careful, some non native plants can wreak havoc in Hawaii.

    1. i was planning on making them more for gifts/personal garden use so probably just a variety of herbs.

      i really like the idea of actual 'seed bombing' but i don't know where to find a good source of native seeds (not just flowers or the pretty stuff everyone wants to see).

      i see some of the plants on that list all over the place (ginger, guava, and tulip tree). and probably some others that i just don't recognize...

  2. Thanks so much for linking to VisuaLingual seed bombs!


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