Sunday, May 6, 2012

jewelry ideas with sculpey

so i'm starting a new 'mini series' on jewelry ideas from one pack of sculpey.  i will only be using a single pack of sculpey and paint (and carving/texturing tools).  this pack of sculpey costs only $3 and you can make many different types of jewelry from just one little pack!!

(i know i've posted this before but i included a photo tutorial this time)

antler pendant

simple white antler pendant with lots of texture

pencil urchin spine pendants

shaping these pendants is relatively simple but painting them is the tricky part

i will be making the links for these projects live as soon as i finish typing the post/tutorials.  after these 3 projects i still have about half a package left of sculpey so i will post more projects as i finish them.  and since i only used half a package, all three of these projects only cost about $1.50 in clay!!  


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