Saturday, May 19, 2012

owl coin purse pattern

i usually don't buy patterns but i reeeally like this owl pattern from keyka lou aka michelle patterns.  it's only $5 (all of her patterns are less than $10) and she lets you sell anything you make using her patterns as long as you credit her. you can download the pattern instantly so you can print them immediately and start sewing!!  the instructions are easy to follow and you can also find helpful sewing tips on her website.  i added in the d-ring so i could attach it to my bag and used magnetic snaps instead of velcro.  i've been using one for almost a year to keep my earbuds in and it's held together really well.  i also purchased her keychain clutch pattern and plan to make one to keep quarters in for when i do laundry.

do you ever buy patterns from vendors online?  i usually don't bother with patterns regardless of what i'm making...mostly 'cause i can figure out how to piece things together just by looking at it.  but at the same time, these are hardworking artists that are trying to make a living on their trade-be it patterns, prints, or whatever.  would you pay for a pattern when you could figure out how to make it yourself?  

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  1. Even though I often draft my own patterns, I like to buy patterns from online vendors. Like you said, when you buy a pattern, you support a craftsperson. But also, even if it's something I know I can figure out on my own, they have already figured it out and that saves me time. More often than not lately, my time is slightly more valuable than money. (I love that pattern, btw!)


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