Sunday, May 6, 2012

diy dip-dyed feather pendant

this is part one of my mini series on making jewelry from one pack of sculpey-you can find the original post here.


start by deciding on what shape you want your feather to be.  trace/draw your pattern onto a piece of parchment paper and cut it out.  roll your clay into a flat thin rectangle slightly larger than your pattern.  place your parchment paper cutout on top of your clay and use it as a guide to cut out your feather.

Tip:  for large flat pieces such as this, it's helpful to keep the parchment paper cut out on the back of your piece to keep it from sticking.  it makes it much easier to handle while you're working on it; it's easier to pick up (you won't have to worry about distortion when a piece gets stuck), and you can just peel it off before you bake.

next, roll a thin clay snake for the quill of the feather and attach to the top of the main piece.  using a toothpick or needle tool, make lines outward away from the quill.  then drill a small hole so you have something to hang your pendant by.

bake or dry your clay.  you can either leave your feather white or you can paint it for a pop of color.  i went for a dip-dyed look with mine.

be sure to view the whole mini series for more ideas on clay jewelry!!

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