Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pencil urchin spine pendants

i've only recently discovered sea urchin spine jewelry-am i out of the loop?  where have these things been all my life??  i love the subtle color changes, and how varied the colors and textures can be on these spines.  you can do a simple google image search for some inspiration.

i thought one might be too lonely so i made three...the shape is fairly simple to achieve-mine are roughly pinkie finger sized.  texture is always a plus but the main focus is how you paint them.  i think these could be really cool with a more modern paint job (taped off lines with bright colors and such) but i tried to go for a more natural look, which was actually somewhat difficult.  i'm not even sure i achieved the look i was going for:/

i think the colors i used were a little too bright compared to real urchin spines and i wish i hadn't left a white band on all three but they still make for an interesting necklace.

be sure to view the whole mini series for more ideas on clay jewelry!!


  1. Still really pretty and unique even if it wasn't quite what you were going for!

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