Sunday, May 13, 2012

pier 1 doily plates

so i actually saw these plates mooonths ago-i think around christmas?  i really wanted to get one but i decided to hold out and save money for presents.  well i went back around march to see if they still had them and they were all gone...but i went back yesterday and they were there again yay!!  i think these plates are sooo cute and they were only $6 a piece...which can add up if you're getting a set but i only wanted one.  

there are 4 different doily patterns but this one is the most complex imo.  i mostly got it for photos/props...and to eat cookies off of...i mean who wouldn't want to eat a cookie off an adorable plate like this??  

i also think these plates would be great for diy projects too-using a vinyl cutout or some paint would definitely jazz these babies up.  i could see them being even cuter with a little owl in the center maybe?


  1. These are great! I have three similarly styled plates hanging in my kitchen that I got from a consignment store. I have a fourth that is my eat something special plate. Usually reserved for Saturday morning deliciousness to go with my coffee! :)

    1. lol i'm going to start calling these my 'eat something special' plates!! things just taste better when served on adorable little platters.

  2. I bought two sets of four plates. I wanted another set but they are no longer available at Pier 1.


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