Thursday, May 17, 2012

diy painted wooden spoon tutorial

okay so i finally caved and bought some bamboo kitchen utensils so i could paint them!!  i couldn't find any singles so i got a set a 5 for $10 so roughly $2 a spoon.  so i posted before about how i couldn't decide  how exactly i wanted to paint them...and i decided to do all three.  there's gonna be good ol' fashioned plain white spoons, ombre spoons, and every spoon will be a different color (or technically is it a different shade?).

anyway, it's pretty simple, just use painter's tape to tape off the handle of your spoon.  then use primer on the part you want to paint.  if you're going for the ombre look, i think it helps to mix all your paint before hand just to make sure you get the gradient right so you don't have to paint multiple coats (like what i did).  when i was done painting, i did some light sanding to give it more of an aged look.  then put on some sealant and you're done!!  of course make sure everything you use is non-toxic especially the sealant.

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  1. LOVE these! I need to make some of these :) I have pinned them!

    1. they're so easy to make-the hardest part is waiting for them to dry!!

  2. What sealant did you use?


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