Friday, May 11, 2012

painted wooden kitchen utensils

first...thank god it's friday!!

has anyone else noticed the painted wooden kitchen utensils floating around lately?  i don't usually use wooden spoons and such in the kitchen but the more i see the more i want to buy one just so i can paint it!!  

at first i was leaning toward a simple, clean white like these spoons from anthro:

but then i saw these colorful guys by little bit funky:

theeeen i saw these hand-painted ombre spoons by oMEandoMY on etsy:

and now i have no idea how i want to paint my spoons!!

what d'you guys think?  how would you paint your wooden spoons?  do you even use wooden utensils?  am i crazy for wanting to buy one just so i can paint it??

have a happy weekend!!

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