Monday, May 7, 2012

antler pendant

here's part two of my mini series on making jewelry from one pack of sculpey.

i may have 'lost' the photos of the process for this one (in other words i forgot to take them)...but here's the result!!  fake modeling grass makes an interesting backdrop for white jewelry oddly enough, especially nature inspired jewelry.


 and for scale here it is in the palm of my hand:

i found that this piece depends heavily on texture to really bring it to life.  however, you could leave it fairly smooth and pain it a neon color (which seems to be all the craze lately).  i had originally planned on using some neon highlights but i thought it might detract from all the texture i painstakingly added.  

if you want your own little antler pendant, start by shaping a small piece of clay in the antler style of your choice.  again you can leave it smooth or you can add lots of texture (my sculpture prof back in college was all about texture and i think it's rubbed off on me lol).  i used a tooth pick to get all the grooves and to make all the little pits and knobs.  

Tip:  if you want a wider grooves just sand the tip of your toothpick down.  

deer antlers also tend to get somewhat knobby near the base so you can add in some of those as well.  then add a slight curve to each of the prongs and bake/dry.  

Tip:  if the sculpey starts getting too warm/tacky pop it in the freezer for a couple minutes to stiffen it up again. 

i painted my antler white and sealed it with some mod podge-i like the simple, almost ceramic look it has.  

be sure to view the whole mini series for more ideas on clay jewelry!!

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