Sunday, July 15, 2012

How To: (Sewing 101) Box Corners

boxing corners is a really useful technique for bag making.  boxing the corners adds extra dimension to your bags making it seem larger and makes it easier to store more and larger items.  it also helps flatten the bottom of the bag allowing it to sit upright more easily.  

there are 3 different ways to box corners, the first 2 are very similar and require you to box each side individual.  first, start by marking a box in the corner you want to box, don't forget to include seam allowances.  

for the first method, cut out the corner once you've marked it.  fold your fabric, right sides together, so that the adjacent sides of the square you cut are lined up.  sew along that edges, backstitching at the beginning and end.

for the second method, mark the corner as before but don't cut yet.  fold the fabric as you did before and sew along your mark, backstitching at the beginning and end.  then trim the excess fabric.  

these two methods yield similar results, although i prefer using the second.  if you use the first, and you use a small seam allowance, you run the chance of not fully catching both pieces of fabric and having to do it over.  with the second method it's easier to know exactly where your seam will end up and you can trim the fabric when you're done.  

projects using Method 1 or 2:
-custom laptop sleeve

the third method is coming soon!

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