Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get Your Craft On #6

this weekend i went to watch the new spiderman movie...does anyone else think it's sad that they're already remaking that movie?  i mean i feel like it just came out and now there's a new one?  really people are we that desperate for ideas now??  anyway, i thought it was pretty good.  it seemed to follow the actual storyline a lot closer than the 'original' movie.  

well on to highlights from last week:  

these types of decorations are probably old news to some of you but i still love them!  

learn how to make your own chocolate key to Wonderland!!

because nothing is happier than a bird with a french fry...

and for this week's party, i think i'm going to open it up for recipes too.  so if you've recently tried something or have a family recipe feel free to share!  

and the usual stuff:  
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
-follow my blog and/or like me on facebook
-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

the gilded hare

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