Monday, July 9, 2012

inspiration: elephant ottoman idea?

well how did everyone's weekend go??  3 day weekends are the best...especially when you don't even leave your apartment hah!  okay i may have left...once.  this morning i had a follow up interview-they're basically offering me a job...except they don't really have the approval to offer me said job so i'm not really sure how that's going to work out...?  

so i'm not really a maternally inclined kinda gal, i was always the one girl in the group who didn't want kids...ever.  but despite that, i still think that kids always get the cute stuff!  i mean really, gap kids needs to start making their stuff in grown up sizes!!  

anyway, i was thinking about that which got me to thinking about all the elephant paraphernalia that goes along with kids-elephant stuffed toys, elephant mobiles, elephant nurseries, you get the idea.  so i got to thinking about making a stuffed elephant, well more like trying to convince myself to make one because even though i hate stuffed animals and think they're a complete waste of space...they're so cute!!  then i stumped across this guy and for some reason i thought 'ottoman'.  giant stuffed elephant ottoman anyone?  i think it'd be awesome, i'm sure it'd fit in a lot better in someone's nursery but i think i just might need to make one for myself.  in my living room that doesn't even have a couch...  
but the next question...what color?  i really like the polka dots, but i'm thinking it might look a little silly at the scale i'll be making the elephant.  i kinda wanted a pattern, maybe stripes or chevron but with the way the fabric is cut for the pattern i think it might be difficult to get it match up.  so then i thought maybe just a simple white canvasy type fabric?  removable of course so i can wash all the nasty foot filth the dirt off...  i think i may have to add 'prototype elephant ottoman' to my to-do list...


  1. Do it!!! That would be AWESOME! I agree that a patterned fabric would look cool and would definitely be a "pop" piece in a living room but it would be extra work trying to line up the patterns.

    I'm curious as to how you would go about making one though. Would you cut off the legs and replace them with wood stumps, or would you cover the stumps with fabric to keep it uniform??

    You HAVE to do it because I'm already excited to see how it turns out! That way I can order one from you for my living room!

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. i've been wondering about the legs myself, i think i'll just make a normal stuffed elephant with a small wooden platform underneath? that way the legs still match the body and i can put casters on it so i can roll it around!!

      why did i have to come up with this idea at the beginning of a work week??

  2. That elephant is SO adorable! You must make it!

  3. Just wondering.............did you ever make the elephant ottoman? If so, I'd love to see it!

    1. Hi, sorry it has taken me so long to respond!

      I haven't made the ottoman yet because I haven't been able to settle on a fabric I like. Sad I know, it's the curse of indecisiveness.

      But if I do make a decision I'll def post it!


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