Wednesday, July 11, 2012

how to dress up hand towels (or make burp cloths)

okay, today's tutorial is pretty simple and somewhat random.  (mostly i had a really long weekend so i thought i was gonna be super awesome and crafty but instead i just thought about how super awesome  and crafty i was gonna be hah.  so instead i have this pretty weak sauce tutorial to make up for my lazyness lol)

so remember when i went on 'vacay' couple weeks back for my friend's wedding?  well i bought some fingernail polish while i was there 'case its practically dirt cheap compared to here and i needed something to pack it in for the flight back. so i may have stolen one of the tiny hand towels from our hotel...  and when we got back, i figured since i had it i might as well use it.  and it being a hotel and all it's plain and boring and white.  so i needed to dress it up some.  

basically just cut a piece of cotton to the same size as your towel.  place them right sides together and sew all along the outer edge leaving a small opening.  flip right side out, press, and top stitch all along the edge.

it felt a little too much like an empty pillow case to me so i added some simple square quilting on mine. those little woven bands on the towel ended up making it pucker a little bit-next time i think i'll try to get a big enough towel to cut those off or just buy some terry fabric.

this whole process probably took me 15 minutes so it's a pretty simple project.  and now i have a nice sheepy hand towel for the kitchen.  if i ever come up with a real design scheme for my home it'd be a great way to tie in a fabric or color to the kitchen.  i've always thought those tea towels at target are really cute but pretty unsubstantial and this is a great way to make them a little more 'usable'.  or make awesome burp cloths (for my non-existent baby lol).

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