Tuesday, July 3, 2012

tutorial: color blocked bird pendant

did you play with shrinky dink as a kid?  the first time i used it, it was for a school project making some weird stained glass thingy.  but i remember it being sooo cool when i watched through the oven window as that piece of plastic curled and twisted like it was possessed and came out this cool little plastic pendant.  well i'd forgotten about it for a while but it seems to be coming back again-or maybe i'm just now noticing it again.  anyway, i love bird silhouettes so i'm combining that with the neon and color block trend i've been seeing everywhere!

first, obviously, decide on the design.  i went with a swallow silhouette from The Graphics Fairy.  i sized the image down to about 6 inches.  trace your design onto the shrinky dink and cut it out-don't forget to punch a hole for the jump ring.  

bake as per instructions and you should end up with a little mini swallow!

i used some coral fingernail polish to give it a sort of enameled look.  it's actually deceivingly difficult to get an even coat and since it's hawaii dry time is practically tripled.

once the base coat has dried, tape off parts for the second color.  paint your second color, let it dry and remove the tape.

 attach the jump ring and your little swallow is ready to go!

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happy crafting!!


  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. WOW. That looks beautiful. I too was a shrinky dink fan. I can't believe that's how you made this adorable necklace. I am inspired!

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