Monday, July 30, 2012

New Etsy Packing Design and Blog Challenge Day 12: Typical Day

ooooookay so i may have forgotten that i started this blog challenge way back...but i'm back in the game now lol!

but new packaging design for my Etsy shop!!

these are really simple to make and i think make my items look really custom!  first make your design in whatever program you're comfortable with.  print off a tester to make sure it's going to fit whatever item you're trying to wrap.  then cut a piece of kraft paper to size, use double sided tape to secure it to a regular piece of computer paper and print like normal.  then use a decorative punch all along the edges of the kraft paper and wrap!

what d'you guys think?  yay or nay?  before i used the kraft paper and wrapped baker's twine around and tied off with a bunny tag.  i like how with these the items are labelled so it's easy to tell exactly what it is when i'm looking through my inventory.

today's challenge is supposed to be outlining my whole day...well i wanna start by saying that i'm really a pretty boring person...i spend a lot of time laying around thinking about things that i could and should be doing lol.

so first up, since my new job starts on wednesday and i have to get up at 6!!  i've slowly been trying to condition myself to get up earlier.  i've been getting up before 7 for the past week but i haven't really been going to sleep earlier so i've really only succeeded in making myself sleep deprived.  and since i'm really tired my first few hours of consciousness consist of me laying in bed, half awake trying to surf pinterest on my phone with my dry blurry morning eyes.  i'm practically blind without my contacts and it's too early to wear glasses so of course my phone is inches from my face...

and that continues until almost 9, yeah i wasted 2 hours on my phone...  but i had a strangely productive morning.  first i cleaned up my rabbits' litter boxes 'cause they were gettin' nasty!!  for some reason, grumbles has been consuming a LOT of water lately which means his litter box ideally needs to be changed almost every other day...which means i might do it twice a week.  yeah i make him live in his own filth...

then i actually made 2 bags, that i found on pinterest lol.  the first is from a tote-to-go from ikat bag and the second if a card wallet from sew passion.  i will be posting photos and my thoughts about these 2 tutorials later this week.

then i made a custom order for my Etsy shop.  (now that i'm writing it down it actually kinda sounds like i did a lot today...)  so i took photos of the order so i could post it, i also took photos of my new packaging design for some items in my shop.  then photoshoped them and posted them on etsy.

after that my day gets sorta lazy...i cleaned up my makeshift craft area.  i always just toss the threads down when i sew so i'm left with a big mess in the end!

then i got back on my laptop looked up houses back home that i wished i could still blows my mind that as much as i pay for rent here, i could be paying mortgage on a house back home!!  of course now it's blazing hot and the breeze has basically died so it's just hot air sitting in my apartment.  so i took a 15 minute nap.

then i made lunch for me and my boyfriend (eggs, toast, and oatmeal raisin cookies), went grocery shopping, printed off a new calendar for the year..don't judge i'm just now gettin' around to it!!  i found a really cute one from tomkat studio, it's clean and simple with a pop of color.

and now i'm writing this post whilst i make broccoli and corn for dinner tonight (bf is making pork steak if he ever gets off work).

and that was my monday!  hmmm maybe i should write down what i do every day, seeing it all written up makes me feel like i did so much hah!


  1. What adorable new packages!! I think this are a keeper! Very professional and classy :)

  2. I dunno what you had before, but these are truly wonderful! I second the professional and classy comment!!


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