Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Get Your Craft On #7

yay so i officially have a 'real' job!  something that is actually sort of related to my degree lol.  it pays more than twice as much as my job now, unfortunately it's only temp so 3 months from now i might have to look for a new job...

on to this week's features:

i loooove the look of this dyed rope!  i like the stripes but i'm also envisioning an ombre vase of rope-wrapped goodness!

i love the look of this room, very sleek and modern.  almost everything in this room is a thrifty DIY-the nightstands, lamps, pillowcases, even the picture frame!  

save an old garage door by turning it into a rustic outdoor bench!!

congrats to you clever crafters and thanks to everyone to who linked up!

now for this week's party:  
-only post projects that you have done yourself-preferably a tutorial
-post my button somewhere on your blog or post
-follow my blog and/or like me on facebook
-check out other posts and leave comments!!  

the gilded hare


  1. Just found your party while I was stalking your blog. ;) I'm all linked up and adding your adorable button to my party list so I'll be back! Thanks for hosting!

    1. haha i have been stalking your blog on FB for a while now too...it's so cute!! thanks for linking up!


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