Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30 day blog challenge

i've noticed i tend to do a lot of posts over the weekend and practically none during the week.  so i looked up some blog challenge-y type things to try to get me to post more regularly.  and also share some information about myself-i tend to be a introvert in real life and i think it comes off in my blogging.  so i shall be sharing random facts about myself every day for the next 30 days!!  beware it could be horribly awkward...

the challenge is the make a post about each of the topics listed (i got the list from domesticated momma) i may change a couple of them depending on my mood when i get to it lol.  i will link each bullet as i make the posts.

  1. Current Relationship
  2. Where would I like to be in 10 years
  3. Top 5 Pet Peeves
  4. Views on Religion
  5. Favourite Comfort Foods & Why
  6. Zodiac Sign and Does It Fit?
  7. Favourite Childhood Toys
  8. A moment you felt most satisfied in your life.
  9. If you would have any job in the world what would it be?
  10. Your guilty pleasures
  11. Put your Ipod (in my case iphone) on shuffle and write first 10 songs that pop up.
  12. Bullet your whole day
  13. Somewhere you would like to move/visit.
  14. Earliest Memory
  15. Write 15 interesting facts about yourself
  16. Your views on mainstream music
  17. Your highs and lows this last year
  18. A book you could read over and over and never get sick of
  19. Your biggest regret in life
  20. How important you think education is
  21. One of your favourite TV Shows
  22. How have you changed the past 2 years
  23. Post 3 pics of famous people you find attractive
  24. Your favourite Movie & What its about.
  25. Someone who fascinates you and why
  26. If you had $1,000,000 to spend how would you spend it?
  27. A problem you have or have had in the past.
  28. Something that you miss
  29. List 10 people dead or alive you would invite to dinner , include the menu.
  30. Goals for the next 30 days!

so what d'you think?  are you going to take the dive and do the challenge with me?  


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog recently and love your DIY posts :). This sounds like a fun idea, slightly nerve wrecking, but you'll be able to look back on it later and see if anything has changed :)

    1. hi thank you!

      i actually hadn't thought about being able to look back at my answers but now that you've pointed it out it makes me want to finish the challenge even more!!


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