Tuesday, June 19, 2012

blog challenge day 7: fav childhood toys

blog challenge day 7: favorite childhood toys.  (find the original challenge here)

well this is going to sound sad but i didn't really have or play with toys as a kid.  i always thought playing with dolls, aka barbies, was weird.  and kind of a waste of time.  yeah i thought that as a kid.  one time my uncle got me a barbie for christmas but i never played with it.  i never played on any gaming systems; my brothers had nintendos and gameboys and all that but they never shared with me.

i did however, always want to steal my brothers' legos.  i used to always try to play with them when they were done, but by the time i got them it always seemed like pieces were missing so i could never build what it was actually supposed to be, sadly.

basically i just spent all my time reading.  when i was in first grade i was already reading at a college level...sadly i feel like my reading skills have declined since then.  my high school english teacher said she used to be able to read really quickly until her teachers started forcing her to read out loud (apparently they didn't believe how fast she could really read).  and after that she could never read as fast as she used to.  something about how it went from being a 2-step to a 3-step process.  it went from going straight from the page to her brain, to page, thinking the words/reading out loud, then to her brain.  and i think something similar happened to me.  in elementary school some of my teachers started making us read out loud, and for whatever reason i loved it.  i used to read out loud to myself at home all the time, i guess i really liked the sound of my own voice lol.  but ever since then when i read, it's like i see the words on the page, but then i have to say them in mind, and then process them.  it's really annoying to me now.

and my fav series when i was kid?  the thoroughbred series, embarrassing but true.  i learned everything i know about horses and racing from those books lol, which still isn't much.  i had a fascination with horses as a kid...which was only fed by my best friend starting riding lessons and getting her own horse!!  of course, i couldn't take riding lessons because according to my father 'it's too dangerous for a girl'.  which he said about basically everything like riding a bike, playing laser tag, running in he woods...

sadly i don't read as much as i used to or as much as i'd like to.  reading can be pretty expensive now.  regardless of whether you buy physical books or e-books.  i still don't understand why e-books sometimes cost the same as regular books.  i like the feel of having a real book in my hands but e-books are just so much more convenient now.  and i know i should probably go to the library...but they always have such a weird smell...the books are always kinda stinky.

what were your favorite books as child?  are you reading anything interesting now?  i need something good to read while i'm flying tomorrow, hurray for 12 hours spent on a plane or in the airport.

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  1. I so owned like the first thirty of this series. Only got through the first ten or so. Then I realized that none of the characters were the same as the original.


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