Saturday, June 2, 2012

ereader sleeve tutorial

a while back i convinced my boyfriend that ereaders would be a good investment (we both read a lot and while we also enjoy the feel of having a 'real' book it does add up).  i mean i still have shelves of books at my parents house...also some in storage...and some here.  so i figured with an ereader i could condense all of those books into one sleek little device.  so we did some research and decided to go with the sony ereader-mostly because of the open sourcing.  they're not as stringent as the other ereaders about where you get your ebooks from, in fact we've downloaded books from places other than the sony store and they still work.

on the downside, they're not as popular and it can be reeeally hard to find accessories.  if you can find a sony sleeve that fits they're awesome-the sleeves have these little prongs that fit perfectly into the these holes on the top and bottom of the device.  so you don't have to worry about the little corners like other ereader sleeves.  it's pretty convenient and very book-like, plus mine has a built in light.  but my boyfriend wasn't so lucky.  for whatever reason, sony discontinued the sleeve for his ereader so he's been trying to find one months.  so i decided to make him one.  bunny inspired of course.

 ignore the wrinkles i was waiting for the iron to heat up so i took photos instead...  so i left the loop off the top left corner because that's where the power switch is.  i also made the top right loop a bit 'lower' so that it'd be easier to get the stylus in/out.  and i added a pocket just for a dash of color.  ah the glory of making your own accessories-they're totally customizable.

if you're interested in making your own here's a brief tutorial-i'm not including measurements since there are so many different sizes of ereader.

okay so the photo on the left is the pattern:  the top 3 narrow pieces form the loops in each corner to secure your ereader (you can use 4 instead).  the next row of pieces forms the interior of the sleeve-the pocket is optional.  and the bottom row forms the exterior of the piece.  you could use one solid piece for the exterior but i added extra top stitching to the middle piece to emphasize the 'spine' of the sleeve.  i also added 3 rows of topstitching to the back of the sleeve just cause.  the photo on the right shows what the interior/exterior should look before sewing them together.  right sides together, sew around all the edges leaving a 3-4 inch opening on the bottom front edge.  flip right side out, press, and slip stitch shut.  i used interfacing on the exterior pieces and also some polyester batting.

if you plan on making your own i'd recommend making it a bit wider than you think you need-the first one i made was about an inch too short when closed:/
the front is looking a little plain so i may paint a white bunny in the corner...or as my boyfriend wants...a dragon bunny.  because that's exactly what the world needs...dragon bunnies...  

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