Saturday, June 2, 2012

bird print cosmetic pouch

i used the pattern here and mostly followed the tutorial.  i made the larger one first following the instruction but i decided that i didn't like how the zipper went all the way down the bottom of the pouch.  there's not really a 'lip' to keep your stuff from falling out when you open it.  so when i made the smaller one i decided to cover the ends of the zipper forming a lip.  when you do this, you only need a 6" zipper for the small one (the instructions say a 14" for both sizes).  the downside to the covered zipper is that it becomes practically impossible to topstitch around the zipper.  if you cover the zipper, i'd recommend sewing one side and cutting the notches before moving on the other.

you don't really need to follow all the instructions when installing the zipper-i basically just sandwiched my zipper between the fabric, pinned the beginning, middle, end, and sewed it all together.  then i cut the notches.

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