Monday, June 25, 2012

blog challenge day 10: guilty pleasures!

hmmm this is really ironic because the past couple days i've fallen behind on my blog challenges...and why you may ask? indulging in my guilty pleasures!! my guilty pleasure is most definitely staying in bed all day with a good book. and since i kind of went on a spending spree in the sony ereader store i had plenty of reading material on my mini vacay. so i may or may not have spent a whole day in the hotel just reading... on the plus side i managed to get 2 tutorials out and actually start the Get Your Craft On aka GYCO (not to confused with geico or gecko) linky party up on time. the latest batch of ebooks i bought were mostly young adult...everyone is probably thinking twilight now but hey, YA books are almost always easy reads. instant gratification. i usually finish those books in a day or too so i'm not stuck wondering too long about how the story ends. on the other hand...they usually cost the same as other denser novels but keep me occupied for way less time. well i managed to read 5 books on my trip, almost a book a day now that i think about it...and that being said, i'm on the prowl for new books!! suggestions anyone?? i hope everyone had a good weekend!! (i know it's practically tuesday already but it feels like my weekend just ended)

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