Friday, June 15, 2012

blog challenge day 3: pet peeves

okay three posts in three (week) days...that's pretty good for me lol. and today's topic shall peeves!!  everybody's fav subject of discussion.

these aren't in any particular order just whatever pops in my head:

first, in the work place (it's on my brain cause i just got off work a little while ago) i absolutely detest people who are lazy.  it is beyond frustrating to be busting your a** at work while your coworkers are just standing around talking or (literally) twiddling their thumbs.  no joke, i actually caught a guy doing that at work.

lately i've been really frustrated by this because i'm a hard worker by nature, i don't think i could be lazy at work if i tried.  and yet i feel like working there is compromising my work ethic.  i mean there is really no 'reward' or compensation for working that much harder than everyone else, in fact at my work it seems the opposite is true.  the people who can only work one station or work really slowly get sent downstairs to the kitchen where the ac actually works, there's a radio, and is generally more easy going because you don't have to deal with the customers.  so the lazier people are 'rewarded' with an even easier job while the hard workers have to work even harder to compensate for them.  of course to me most workplace problems can be fixed with better management but that's not really my job...even though i was told i would be assistant manager back in...september?  yeah that hasn't happened yet.  not that i'm really complaining because i didn't really want the job, i just wanted the pay because i was already doing the job.  but yeah, the owner came in a couple months back to reaffirm that i wanted the position, which of course i said i still wanted it, but it still hasn't happened.  of course, i am already doing the work an assistant would do without the pay so i guess it doesn't really make sense for them to pay me more for doing the same thing...  although it is really frustrating to find that someone doing my job at any of their other stores gets paid at least $1/hour more than me...anyway, i could go one forever about boyfriend can testify to that lol.

second...probably people putting things back where they're found or returning them to their original condition.  this applies to work and home...i'll talk about home since i just wrote a crap load about work.  i love when i come home and every dresser is pulled out after my bf gets dressed.  the underwear drawer, the sock drawer, the shirt drawer, and the pants drawer.  because it is just sooo difficult to close it when he's done.  even better is when i find something that's like 3 feet away from where i left it...because moving it that extra 3 feet is just too much of a bother lol.

as for original condition-we use this water bottle to fill the rabbits' water bowls that way we don't have to mess with removing the bowls, refilling, and replacing.  well i always fill the rabbits' bowls and then refill the water bottle.  and then my bf comes along and refills the rabbits' bowls...and leaves the bottle empty.  which is funny because at his old job he used to complain about other people doing the same thing...  a better example is probably toilet paper...why leave an empty roll??  of course i'm guilty of this as well but we'll keep that on the dl...

third...driving-god it's been more than a year since i've driven a car!!  i know everyone says this regardless of how good they actually are, but i'm a pretty good driver i have averted many a-accident when other less conscious drivers tried to hit me.  i wonder how much my driving skills have deteriorated since i moved to hawaii...i guess we'll find out next week when i go home!!

anyway, the pet peeve...signaling.  either not signally enough or signaling too much.  i hate when people just randomly cut you off or slam on the brakes to make a turn, i'm always like seriously the blinkers are there for a reason sir.  and on the other hand, there are people, like my dad, who turn the blinker on to change lanes and just somehow forget, in that window of 3 seconds, to turn them off.  and just leave them blinking...for miles...just click-click-clicking everyone else in the car into sweet insanity.  

i think those are the major ones that really...get my that phrase cracks me up.  but a pretty minor one...those little old asian ladies that cut in front of everyone to get on the bus...even other older asian ladies.  hawaii's really the only place i've had a problem with this actually.  i know it's a generality but i'm pretty sure there's a certain sort of 'tude that non-american born asian women have that only gets worse as they get older.  and they have this sense of entitlement, like they should be the first ones to get on the bus.  when in reality most people, like myself, would let them get on first anyway just cause they're old, but when they walk right up there like nobody's business it's just insulting.  i mean come on it's not like we're all bloody heathens that'll trample people down to get a seat on the bus...mostly anyway.

so what are your pet peeves?  do you share any of my pet peeves?

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  1. Uuugh I'm with you on #3!! Drives me crazy!!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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