Sunday, June 3, 2012

zippered keychain clutch

usually i don't mind doing laundry...but i hate having to trek around with all my stuff only to realize that i forgot quarters.  and i'm the only one with a key to the laundry area which means if i'm not home my boyfriend can't do laundry, not that he would anyway lol.  so i decided to make a little pouch to hold quarters that i could also keep on a keychain with the key to the laundry room.

-(2) 5"x4" pieces of outer fabric
-(2) 5"x4" pieces of lining fabric
-(1) 4" zipper

Optional: 3/4" D-ring and 1.5"x2" piece of lining fabric

attach/fuse interfacing to outer fabric as directed.  to attach the zipper, lay a piece of the lining right side up, line the zipper along the top 5" side right side up, and lay the outer fabric on top right side down.  pin and sew. 

 repeat for the other side of the zipper and press.  

if you want you can topstitch along the zipper and add the D-ring.  if you add topstitching pull the lining fabric to the opposite side so that you only catch the seams.  

stitch the D-ring in place 1/2-1" below the zipper.  

next flip it inside out by pulling the right sides of the lining together and the right sides of the outer fabric together.  make sure you pull the zipper toward the lining fabric.  pin and sew all the way around leaving a small 2-3" opening on the bottom of the lining fabric.  

flip it all right side out and press.  you can slip stitch the opening shut or just use your machine.  tuck the lining back inside and press again.  

and that's it!!  this little pouch is large enough to fit change and cash handy on quick outings.  it's a great way to use up scrap fabric and it comes together really quickly-it took me less than 30 minutes to make this one and i was fairly distracted by watching Bones.

i hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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  1. Great tut, thanx for sharing!!

  2. Hey! I made this project yesterday and it worked out great! Thnks for sharing! :)


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