Thursday, June 21, 2012

blog challenge day 9: any job in the world

ugh i am finally back in oklahoma after 20 hours of traveling.  we had 3 separate flights and on the last one, we all boarded the plane and then they found out the plane wasn't fit for travel so all had to get off the plane and wait for another.  blegh.  oklahoma feels so empty and quiet compared to honolulu, i didn't even know i missed it until i came back lol.  and being able to drive nice!

ahh if i could have any job in the world what would it be...  i think i'd have to say arteest, i really love creating be it drawing, sculpting, jewelry making, sewing or whatever.  i'd love to be able to support myself and my family through my creations.  unfortunately i feel like my style and interests are too varied.

what would your dream job be?

sorry for the short post i'm feelin pretty tired after all that traveling and desperately starving.

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