Monday, June 18, 2012

blog challenge day 5: fav foods

today's challenge is supposed to be comfort food...but i've never really understood or felt the craving for comfort food.  i suppose because if i ever feel depressed or upset or otherwise in need of comforting i rarely turn to food.  usually i just sit by myself and think even more depressing thoughts lol.  so instead i'm just going to talk, and by talk i really mean type, about some of my fav places to eat!!

first i'll list some places in honolulu:

marukame udon on kuhio ave in waikiki:  this place is soooo delicious; personally i think they have some of the best noodles around.  they make all their noodles fresh you can actually watch them making them through the windows.  in fact, everything there seems and tastes really fresh.  plus their prices are actually really cheap-you can get a bowl of udon for $4.  although the tempura is really where things start to add up.  the tempura is good but the portions aren't always consistent; you might get a really big portion one time and a smaller one the next time but they're still both the same price.  my personal fav here is the curry udon.  seating is cafeteria style so if it's busy you might have trouble finding seats for a large party (and no reservations or seat saving) but honestly seats open pretty quickly.  and even though i've waited in line to get my food i've never had to wait for a place to sit.  

coco curry house ichibanya: mmm i've never tasted real curry until i ate at curry house!!  the menu is pretty customizable; you can choose the spiciness of the curry, how much rice, and what kind of protein/veggies.  some of the items are somewhat questionable-most of the seafood i've had from there tends to have that frozen food taste.  but if you get any type of katsu or stewed meat, spinach, or tofu, they're all pretty good.  prices are pretty moderate but it depends on what you add.  

i also really like lahaina chicken company in ala moana shopping center, they have some of the best friend chicken i've ever had.  plus you can get prime rib in a mall food court that's actually pretty good. and if you want to find the best mashed potatoes ever made by man go to good to grill by the safeway in kapahulu!!  

sometimes i wish honolulu had a sonic or a braum's.  i think we could do with a few less shave ice places and few more of those.  i miss happy hour at sonic...drinks were so cheap.  and i rarely find good ice cream places around here, i mean there's the occasional cold stone but let's be honest they're way overpriced and they really only have ice cream.  i want to be able to get a real sundae.  yes we have bubbie's but it's not the same.  

some places in oklahoma:
old school bagel cafe on main street in stillwater:  this is a really great cafe/bakery restaurant.  obviously their bagels are delicious but they also have really good sandwiches and cookies.  'big honkin' cookies'.  and damn are they delicious; they're huge, thick, weighty cookies bigger than my palm and thicker than an inch...that sounds really dirty.  anyway, i def plan on bringing some bagels and cookies back with me when i go home next week.  their sandwiches are pretty big too they def don't skimp on portion sizes.  

head country bbq and dougan's bbq in ponca city:  good bbq is the one thing honolulu is really missing out on.  i grew up on head country but my boyfriend prefers dougans.  honestly, they're both delicious to me so i'll probably be eatin ribs when i go home too!  head country also sells their seasoning and bbq sauce online/in stores, my boyfriend uses their seasoning for everything...literally.  

palamino's in stillwater:  i'm usually not a big fan of mexican food, they all start to blend together-the dishes all involving some for of meat with rice with beans.  but this restaurant is probably my fav mexican restaurant.  they have a really large menu, as it seems to go with most mexican restaurants, but i've never ordered a dish that i didn't like here.  plus if it's your birthday you eat free!!

and there's my (condensed) list of favorite places to eat.  

do you have a favorite comfort food or favorite type of food?  

you can find the original challenge here.  

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