Thursday, June 14, 2012

blog challenge day 2: in 10 years...

time for day 2 of blog challenges (find the full challenge here).

where would i like to be in 10 years:

whoa in 10 years i'll be 34!!

i'm really caught between pursuing two different 'careers'; i went to school and got my bachelors in environmental science but i've always been interested in art and creating.

if i went route 1 and pursued a career with my degree, i'd like to be working either for the government of private firm.  i'd like to be a project manager in charge of a small team working to write preliminary assessments/site inspections.  there would be a balance of office work writing reports but also collecting data in field.

or route 2, i'd like have my own business blogging and selling my crafty creations.  i'd sell my goods online and in craft fairs/conventions and blog about tips and tutorials.

or maybe a combination of the two?  office by day crafter by night?

i'd also want to move back to the mainland-not that i don't like living in hawaii but i miss being able to jump in a car and be in a different state in a couple hours.  plus if i have kids i'd want to be able to take them on road trips and having to fly across the ocean to get anywhere is somewhat frustrating.  although i'm not sure if i'll be wanting kids by then or not.  i never thought i'd want kids when i was younger but i feel less opposed to it now that i'm getting older...must be that maternal instinct kicking in lol.

and i desperately want a house!!  preferably a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house with acres of land surrounding.  and i also want a big porch.  i know it sounds really oddly domestic for me but i've always wanted a place of my own to decorate as i want.  it's one of my biggest pet peeves of living in rentals-i never really feel like it's a 'home' it's always temporary.

so there it ten years-family, home, and a 'real' career.  pretty typical i suppose but hopes nonetheless.

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