Tuesday, June 19, 2012

blog challenge day 6: zodiac/astrological sign

today's blog challenge is about astrology, a subject i always found interesting (along with palm reading and other fortune telling practices).  i've always wanted a 'real' palm reading, and by that i mean in a circus under a crazy striped tent with some lady with wild hair and giant rings and a crystal ball...  even though i find the sign descriptions interesting, i don't really put much stock in horoscopes they usually seem really random to me.  although tarot cards...i find them intriguing even though i haven't had much experience them.  i had a friend once who was really into that kind of stuff that told me the best cards are ones that are gifts and not purchased for yourself.  and you can only do a reading so many times before it becomes inaccurate.  which totally reminds me about this fortune telling thing where you throw these sticks down and you read how they lay to see your fortune?  well i did that in high school one time and 3 times in a row it said that i was going to die.  well obviously that hasn't happened yet but it was weird it happened 3 times in a row...

which reminds me, in college there was this girl from ukraine who did a fortune telling thingy with a deck of cards?  i can't really remember the specifics but it was actually pretty accurate.  and she read for some of the other girls who were impressed too!!
anyway, my birthday is january 25 which makes me an aquarius!!  and it's funny because the sign is almost chevron-esque...maybe that's why i love chevron so much!!  i read this article here and it's pretty much spot on.  basically that page about aquarians was so accurate that when i was reading it it was almost starting to freak me out.  it was almost like reading a psychological description of myself-it's probably the most accurate astrological description i've ever read about aquarians, at least for me anyway.

first, i have to say that when i was younger, middle school-ish or intermediate if you prefer, i had this feeling like i had 2 different paths i could choose for my life.  through most of elementary school i had been really quiet and shy, but for reason at that point, i felt like i could either continue along that path or change and become more outgoing or blossom as it were.  and i thought it was really interesting that in the article it talks about there being 2 different types of aquarians; one shy and the other lively.  so weird...

aquarians are also both intellectual and creative; which has been exhibited by my indecision about pursuing a career in the sciences or arts.  aquarians also have a difficult time making friends and 'take too little trouble to cultivate the acquaintances of people who do not particularly appeal to them' which is also very true for me.  i usually hear that i come off very aloof or basically b*itchy and i have very few acquaintances that i would consider true friends.  i'm also usually pretty good at seeing both sides of an argument and accepting the validity of someone's argument even if i don't agree.

and guess who else was an aquarius?  mozart!!  boo-yah love mozart!!  makes me wish i had brought my violin over with me...

if anyone is interested here's site i went to, they have sign descriptions and horoscopes.

haha i just reread the challenge and realized it said ZODIAC sign!  well...i am a full metal rabbit (full metal alchemist reference if any one watches).  and the rabbit description has some accurate statements but not all.  i'm definitely not popular, nor do i have uncanny intuitiveness.  rabbits are supposed to make good politicians and diplomats...soooo not me.  but i am most comfortable staying in my neat and organized home.

and who was a rabbit??  marie curie!!  points if you know who that is without googling.

what about you?  what's your sign and does it fit?  do you check your horoscope daily?

(find the original challenge here)

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